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I'm Dave Anderson, a leadership speaker, trainer and consultant. I help business leaders build a culture of character, courage, accountability and trust. As a West Point graduate who spent 20 years in leadership at a Fortune 50 company, my goal is to have IMPACT on you and your team.

Productive Conflict – What’s Your Angle?

To Be Sharp - Friction is Required

If a team does not engage in productive conflict, I guarantee you they are not coming up with the best solutions.

I sharpen a knife with friction.   As I drag a knife across a wet stone, I must maintain the proper angle in order to sharpen the knife’s edge. If I do not keep the knife at the correct angle, I either make it duller, or I have no impact on the edge at all.

Productive conflict is friction correctly applied. Continue Reading…

Bad Attitudes – Entitlement and A Cure

Be Thankful!

“I deserve more!” A lot of dysfunctional attitudes can be traced back to this one statement. It is another way of saying, “I am entitled.”

When I am not happy with my day, my week or my life, I can usually trace it back to a feeling of entitlement. The belief that any of us are entitled to more than we already have is a recipe for a pity party. As a leader at work and at home, I am not entitled to anything! Especially a pity party! Continue Reading…

Using Positivity To Get Things Done


In 2015, the first female graduates of the Army’s Ranger School set an example for all of us for Positivity and getting things done. They overcame unique obstacles as trailblazers in what has been an all-male enterprise. Plus, they overcame the traditional obstacles that have stopped generations of would-be male Rangers from earning the title of Army Ranger. Continue Reading…

The Five Best Times To Coach Your People

How are you doing coach?

If we are not developing our people, we should stop calling ourselves leaders! I don’t know why leaders ignore the coaching part of their jobs. But I work with so many organizations and hear the same story again and again.

“I never hear from my boss unless something is wrong.”

“I get feedback once a year at my performance review.”

“I am not sure what I need to do to earn a promotion.”

The fact is, coaching is a part of a leader’s job that is too often ignored. As leaders, we need to step up, do our jobs and develop our people!

Continue Reading…

Character On Display

Imagine what it would be like to be led by a person who understood what Duty is and then did their Duty.  Duty is not a term used outside of the military very often.  But if more people did their Duty, our workplaces and our lives would be significantly different.

What is Duty in 12 Words or Less?

Taking action based on our assigned tasks and moral obligations.

How do Leaders of Character display this sense of Duty?  How can any of us develop the Habit of Character we call Duty in our daily lives?  Continue Reading…

Five Habits of Good Listeners

Are you REALLY listening?

“Listen until it hurts!” – Steve Wiley, Lincoln Leadership Institute

I have to work at listening well.  I know I can look someone in the eye, nod with conviction, and be thinking about something else.  At other times, I hear the first sentence and spend the rest of my time formulating my rebuttal.

Listening is the communication skill that makes the most impact on others and their perceptions of us.  Most people don’t care what we have to say until they are sure they have been heard. Continue Reading…

Listening is a Character Issue

We all know “that guy” we want to run from at cocktail parties. The one who dominates every conversation. The one who talks about himself, his accomplishments, his week, his children, his work, his boss, his whatever. The one who always seems to have a story to top yours. When you break it all down, what does “that guy” sound like? “Me, Me, Me, Me, Me … oh, and did I mention Me?” Continue Reading…

Integrity and Unethical Rule Followers


At West Point, as in many organizations, there are rules and regulations people must follow. But what West Point realizes and that many organizations fail to consider is that we can all be unethical rule followers. Just because we do not break the law or a corporate regulation does not make us a person of Integrity. Continue Reading…

I Can’t Lead Without Leaving My Office

You can't lead from here!

Is this scene familiar to you? The boss walks through the office and says “Good morning” to people before closing his door until lunch. He walks back through the office after lunch saying “Good afternoon” to people before closing his door until he leaves the building at the end of the day. “See you tomorrow!”, he says cheerfully.

It may seem like a scene from “The Office” or a Dilbert cartoon. But unfortunately when I speak or consult with companies, this is a common scenario. The major source of interaction people have with their boss is through electronic communications. This is not leading! Continue Reading…

Why Leaders Don’t Get Better

Group of men and women sitting at a desk looking bored

Leaders of Character Say, “I always have room to grow”

One of the true marks of a humble leader is that he is not the same leader he was twelve months ago. The arrogant leader is stagnant. His way of leading does not change. Some people even boast about not changing their style or methods. Leaders of Character, however, are constantly looking to get better and grow—because they know they need it. Continue Reading…

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