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I'm Dave Anderson, President of Anderson Leadership Solutions based in Tyler, TX.  I am not an academic spouting leadership theories.  I learned my lessons in the trenches at West Point, in the Army and during 20 years at a Fortune 50 company.  The solutions I provide are practical and applicable.  Why Leadership Development? Because developing leaders transcends business.  If I help someone become a better leader at work, they become better husbands/fathers, wives/mothers and better in their ministries, volunteer work and communities.  No other business focused training impacts our society like leadership development.   This site includes blogs, videos, MP3 audio files and many other resources for those of you who want to grow as leaders.   I will also have online training options coming in the near future.

Where Mediocrity Goes To Die

Die Mediocre! Die!

What does good look like?  That is what many companies do a poor job of defining when it comes to their core values.  What follows is one company’s core value of Excellence.

I was fortunate enough to help them develop all four of their core values:  Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork and Service.  The team that developed these values is setting themselves up for success by defining what good looks like.

Imagine doing business with a company like this! Imagine working with people like this daily!  Read on and see how they define Excellence. Continue Reading…

Two Problems With Team Standards

How High Is The Hoop?

“I met the standards.  What is the problem?”  There are likely two problems here.  Problem #1 is the attitude.  Problem #2 is the standards themselves.

I have either caused or witnessed both of these problems. Some people believe the first problem is with the follower and the second problem is with the leader. This is a fallacy.

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Five Ways Leaders Build Trust

Does my team trust me?

My team didn’t trust me.  It was my first leadership role outside the Army.  I had been in charge of this team of 10 sales representatives for almost 6 months.

I believed I was trustworthy, but the truth was a hard pill to swallow.  I thought just being a good guy would make my people believe that I was trustworthy. But, for some people and for some teams, trust does not come that easily.

As a leader I learned how important it was to build trust.  I needed to be intentional and have a plan.  Continue Reading…

One Thing Great Coaches Do

Which one's the coach?

It was 1979 and I was sitting on a slab of concrete in the 90 degree heat at a summer basketball camp.  I was about to be in 8th grade and loved basketball.

I wanted to show the coach of the local college that I was willing to do anything to get better.  The coach was on the court demonstrating how we were supposed to play good man-to-man help defense.  He was sweating like I was, and I loved it.

Though he was young and in his first head coaching job, I thought he one of the greatest coaches alive. His name was Coach Mike Krzyzewski, and he wasn’t just modeling good defense.  He was modeling good coaching. Continue Reading…

One Question To Help Leaders Build Better Teams

Answer One Question

Busy.  Overwhelmed.  Strapped for time.  Barely keeping up.  I have felt that way as a team leader.  Those feelings seem to be more common than ever for leaders.

Most leaders feel pushed to the limit, yet they all want to focus on building stronger teams. It is the tyranny of the urgent…the urgent day to day challenges of management  that keep them from leading in the important areas like building, maintaining and reinforcing the character of their teams.

Please help me serve team leaders better by answering this one question.

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Integrity Is A Lousy Core Value

It's Lousy!

Most corporations claim to have core values.  Most of the values that organizations claim are lousy.  They stink.  They have no meaning!

  • Integrity – Lousy.
  • Teamwork – Lousy.
  • Service – Lousy.

What does integrity mean?  What does teamwork mean?  What does service mean?

A corporate value like integrity doesn’t work.  It is just another word on a website or on a poster hanging in a cubicle.  Who cares what values an individual or a group claims to have!  They don’t mean a thing!  Unless…. Continue Reading…

Leadership Inertia- Friend & Foe

Isaac Newton

For a leader, inertia is both a friend and a foe.  In 1687, Isaac Newton published his famous theory on inertia.  Summarized it simply states, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”

For a leader, understanding the theory of inertia is critical to leading a successful team.

I met Isaac Newton at least twice my senior year in high school.  The first time was in Mr. Berger’s physics class.  The second time was when a girl friend’s car wouldn’t start.

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I Don’t Like The Decision, Should I Support It?

But I Don't Like It?

I had no doubt they were wrong.  After over an hour of discussing our marketing plan, the leadership team decided to adopt a strategy I had argued against.  I truly believed there were better ideas on the table.

At dinner that night with two of my peers, we revisited the decision.  Bob was against the decision as I was, while Phil was neutral.  The three of us had a choice to make.

Support the plan or not support it.

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Leading Up – 3 Keys To Confronting Your Boss

Leading Up is Up To Me!

Confronting your boss is not fun. When I have done it, I have been met with anger, indifference, and/or passive aggressiveness. I have also seen some very positive reactions as well.

When I speak to groups about Building A Culture of Leadership within an organization, I always discuss the need for those without the title to speak up and lead up. I can usually count on someone approaching me after the program with a problem.

Some people tell me about their boss and the issues they will encounter if they attempt to lead up. I usually respond with empathy and one of two quotes from my dad:

Just because it isn’t easy to do does not mean you should not be doing it!
• Whoever said leadership was going to be easy?

These quotes have some bite to them, but they are true nonetheless. Continue Reading…

The 4 Word Response To Angry Emails

How Not To Respond

Email is a terrible way to communicate.  There are multiple studies showing about 50% of all emails are misinterpreted.  My experience and your experience probably support that fact.

I have received angry emails from my customers, my peers and my leaders through the years.  They can make me both angry and frustrated.  Unfortunately, the way I choose to respond to those emails usually escalates the emotions involved.

We all have a choice in how we respond to these messages.

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