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I'm Dave Anderson, President of Anderson Leadership Solutions based in Tyler, TX.  I am not an academic spouting leadership theories.  I learned my lessons in the trenches at West Point, in the Army and during 20 years at a Fortune 50 company.  The solutions I provide are practical and applicable.  Why Leadership Development? Because developing leaders transcends business.  If I help someone become a better leader at work, they become better husbands/fathers, wives/mothers and better in their ministries, volunteer work and communities.  No other business focused training impacts our society like leadership development.   This site includes blogs, videos, MP3 audio files and many other resources for those of you who want to grow as leaders.   I will also have online training options coming in the near future.

Execution? I’m for it!

I'm For Execution!

“What do you think of your team’s execution?” Coach John McKay was asked.  “I’m for it!”  McKay replied.  The expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished that season winless and McKay captured the hearts of coaches everywhere with that comment.

Whether it is in sports or in business, leaders often spend endless hours preparing strategies to insure success, only to see those plans fail due to poor execution.  Whose fault is it?  Is it the players’ fault?  Is it the leaders’ fault? Continue Reading…

Choosing Fear or Convenience Over Candor

Speak Up!

I agreed to talk to the boss.  Three of my peers approached me about a sales campaign that they thought missed the mark.  It was our boss’s idea, but it wasn’t a good one.

Over time, I became the person my peers came to when someone needed to confront our boss.  I accepted that role and felt comfortable doing it.  I just wish my peers would have spoken directly to our boss themselves instead of going through me. Continue Reading…

A Great Masseuse Is Like A Great Leader

A Leadership Analogy

I took a week long vacation recently in Puerto Rico.  I got a massage while I was there.  As I was lying on the table during my session, I realized the therapist was really not doing a good job.

I longed for the person who I use close to home.  She does a great job.  She knows my problem areas and gets after them.  The guy who was working on me in Puerto Rico was just not cutting it.

The guy in Puerto Rico worked like an average manager.  My favorite masseuse at home works like a great leader. Continue Reading…

My Un-Resume: I Took It Personally

My Un-Resume

When everything began to unravel for Pete, I knew I was going to have fire him.  I took it personally.  Like most leaders, I rarely lose sleep over the technical issues of my job.  It is the people who give me insomnia.  In this case it was Pete.

I hired Pete.  He had all the promise in the world.  But, he turned out to be a bad hire.  He lied to me.  He didn’t work hard and he pulled the wool over my eyes for longer than I wanted to admit. Continue Reading…

#Prouddad, #Service, #Simplicity

The Author:  Tall One In Red

This is a copy of the last blog written by a student from the Brook Hill School who went to Uganda over spring break.  It also happens to be my 16 year old son, Jake.

I may be biased, but this is better than anything I have ever written.

See what K.I.S.S.  means to a 16 year old.


Simplicity In Rwemikoma

PCM Ministries

Today’s student perspective comes from Jake:

Time slows down in Africa. Emmy D comes to pick us up at least 45 minutes later than the agreed upon time every day, if we are lucky. Some of the Type A’s around here are annoyed at least somewhat by this, however, when you take a step back, it is quite refreshing. Continue Reading…

Buzzword Defined (Part 3): Courage

Courage To Act

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at its testing point.”  –C.S. Lewis

Wow.  Opening this post with this quote from C. S. Lewis just heightened my level of attention to a subject that has been watered down through over use and misunderstanding through the years.  How do we recover the word Courage from the Buzzword purgatory it’s currently relegated to?

My answer is to define it and to continually discuss it.  That is the problem with corporate values statements as well.  They are inadequately defined and communicated infrequently.

Continue Reading…

Coaching – Encouragement Versus Praise

Applaud Results

When someone does something well, a good coach jumps on the opportunity to praise them.  Praise is a great motivator.  But misplaced praise can demotivate.

Making people feel good about themselves in a vacuum doesn’t work.  In my past, I fell into the habit of always praising people.  It hurt their performance and our relationship.  Continue Reading…

Corporate Culture Left Adrift

Who Is At The Helm?

84% of employees do not believe their company’s culture is widely upheld according to a study by the Aberdeen Group.  The startling thing is the numbers are only slightly better for executives who answered that same survey – 81% admitted they are not doing a good job upholding the company culture.  These are the people who are responsible for reinforcing the culture!

A ship left adrift usually does not end up in port.  That ship usually ends up on the reef. Continue Reading…

Leaders of Character: Don’t Need The Spotlight

Who Deserves The Spotlight?

Leadership and sports analogies go together like peanut butter and jelly.  There are so many bad examples of leadership on display in politics and business, that sports is often the best place to go.

However, when you read the title of this entry, you may now be thinking of sports stars who seem to crave the spotlight.  They are the ones who enjoy speaking about themselves and their accomplishments.  This entry is not about one of those stars. Continue Reading…

Vision: Am I Enjoying The Ride?

Enjoying The Ride

There are times when I love to drive.  Long drives on open roads are some of my favorites.  I like to have my music turned up and my seat pushed back.  I enjoy uninterrupted views for miles.

But, there have been those moments when the ride changes.  Like when I drive into a bank of fog.  Everything changes. Continue Reading…

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