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I'm Dave Anderson, President of Anderson Leadership Solutions based in Tyler, TX.  I am not an academic spouting leadership theories.  I learned my lessons in the trenches at West Point, in the Army and during 20 years at a Fortune 50 company.  The solutions I provide are practical and applicable.  Why Leadership Development? Because developing leaders transcends business.  If I help someone become a better leader at work, they become better husbands/fathers, wives/mothers and better in their ministries, volunteer work and communities.  No other business focused training impacts our society like leadership development.   This site includes blogs, videos, MP3 audio files and many other resources for those of you who want to grow as leaders.   I will also have online training options coming in the near future.

Preparing to Leave My Job

What's Next?

Recently, I spoke with a friend who decided he needed a change.  He has been very successful in his industry for more than a decade.  But, what was once a passion has become a J. O. B.

Statistics show he is not alone.  Gallup’s engagement data tells us that 70% of American’s are disengaged at work.  Further, other recent data shows that 60% of employees plan to pursue a new job when the economy improves.

In 2011, I stepped away from a 20 year career and began a new life.  There are two questions I recommend you answer before you leave a decent job. Continue Reading…

Leaders – Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Self-awareness sounds like some new age, kumbaya, talk show topic.  As an aspiring man’s man, my low sensitivity level has not always allowed me to consider things like self-awareness.  But, obviously I have or I would not have been able to write that last sentence…

Self-awareness is a critical element for the success of a leader.  As a leader, if I do not recognize who I am and how I affect other people, I will never reach my potential. Continue Reading…

Big Leadership Questions

What is the biggest leadership issue you are facing?  Is it with a coworker, a subordinate or with a boss?

Please take the time to send me a topic you would like me to write about or research.  I tend to write about what I would like to hear about.  What about you?

Leadership Mystery

Character and Looking Out For #1

Who Comes First?

The grizzled veteran manager proudly declared, “My top priority is to take care of my team.”  It sounded like I found a kindred spirit.  I believe the leader’s job should be centered on his people.

But what I had discovered was a selfish, hard headed and insecure man.  Over time, I learned he was not taking care of his people.  He was looking out for #1.  Continue Reading…

What Happened To The Person I Hired?

The Slide To Mediocrity

It had been 12 months since I hired Tracy.  During the interview process she wowed me with her passion and drive to succeed.  I wasn’t just moderately hopeful for her.  I thought she would be doing my job some day!

But 12 months later, that person was nowhere to be found.  Tracy turned out to be very average – average work ethic, average skills, and average results.  She did her job and that was about it.  I rarely saw the passion and drive that made me hire her.  Continue Reading…

Bad-Old Habits Vs. Good-New Habits

Exchanging Habits

I used to swear a lot, drink too much and eat Buffalo wings for a meal 3-4 times a week.  Today I rarely swear, have a beer occasionally with a meal, and eat Buffalo wings once in a blue moon. Continue Reading…

The #1 Priority For Leadership Development

The Tools Don't Make The Leader

A man came to my house the other day asking for work.  I handed him a hammer and some nails and told him to build a tree house for my kids.

In fact, I gave him every tool he needed to complete the job.  He should be able to build the tree house if I give him the right tools, shouldn’t he?  Not necessarily… Continue Reading…

Over-Analysis Causes Me Headaches

Is This An Aneurysm?

Every time people around me use statements or questions from the list below, I feel an aneurysm coming on.  They make my head hurt just reading them.

  • “We need to study this further.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “But what if…”
  • “We need to cover all our bases.”
  • “Can we run some more numbers?”
  • “Who’s going to be responsible?”

Continue Reading…

To Lead A Low Maintenance Team – Surrender Self

LMT Leaders Surrender Self

All leaders would love to have a low maintenance team (LMT).  A LMT allows a leader to focus on the big things and avoid the day to day hassles that could and should be handled at lower levels.  When a leader does that, the leader and the team are more engaged and burnout and turnover for both are lower.

But, while most leaders believe they want to lead a LMT, many are not ready to give up what they need to surrender in order to lead the team they desire.

If I want to be a leader of a LMT I must surrender SELF.  I must:

  1. Surrender my control
  2. Surrender my fears
  3. Surrender my time

Continue Reading…

What Are 2013′s Priorities?

Qualify Your Brainstorming Ideas

What are my priorities for 2013?  What accounts and what goals should I focus my efforts on?  The time is now to think ask these questions. Do not wait until after the holidays.

These are key questions that will help me continue to grow and lead others to grow.  Taking the time to get the answers to these questions does not have to be complicated.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a tool that helped me clear through the clutter of brainstorming sessions and simplified my action planning. Continue Reading…

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