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I truly believe people follow us because of WHO WE ARE and not because of what we can do. Whether I am keynote speaking or leading seminars I am told over and over again, “No one is talking about this stuff, Dave.” If other experts do talk about character or integrity, they tell us we must have it, but they rarely explain how to develop character or integrity.

If you want:

  • A speaker who provides more than just a sugar high and actually pushes audiences to grow
  • A passionate Character Evangelist who challenges the leadership status quo
  • A real plan for growing Leaders of Character in your midst

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West Point Style Leadership

My Father, General Jim Anderson

My father, The Master of the Sword at West Point, taught me that leadership is a blend of competence and character. My school, West Point showed me continuous character education and reinforcement is the way to grow exceptional leaders of character from high potential people. My 20 plus years in a Fortune 50 company illustrated that focusing development on competence training alone is inadequate.


What Dave’s Clients are Saying

“I received more value in the first session than all of the seminars and workbooks from the last 20 years put together.”
– Telecom Company President

“I have been to many leadership classes. This is by far the most enjoyable learning experience I’ve been part of!”
– Company President

“Any company that wants to develop leaders in their organization needs to use (Dave Anderson) and his program.”
– C-Suite Executive

“Helped me to set goals, view my values and make me realize my character makes a difference in other’s lives.”
– Frontline Leader in Healthcare

Dave's Recent Blog Posts

Good Leaders are Good Followers

There should only be one point guard on a basketball team.  If a team is nothing but point guards, that team is due for a losing season. When everyone wants to lead and no one wants to follow, the team is in trouble. Likewise, when nobody plays point guard and everyone is content to be a […]

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Integrity – The Path of Most Resistance

The path of least resistance is often the road to hypocrisy.  The smooth and easy paths in life rarely lead us to living a life of Integrity.  That is why Integrity is so darn hard! I am not a saint. I have chosen the path of least resistance during my lifetime.  When I look back […]

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Helping Other People Grow

If the people around you are not getting better then you need to evaluate if you are truly doing what leaders should be doing. It is a leader’s Duty to help other people reach their potential.  The people on my team and in my family are my responsibility.  If they are not growing, the first […]

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Exposing Your Weaknesses

I frequently see leaders who would rather eat a bug than admit to others they made a mistake or had a weakness. Exposing your own failures is not a sign of weakness. Hiding your failures is! There is not a single person we lead who believes we are perfect.  In fact, when we own up to […]

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Performance Reviews Vs. Performance Reveals

A lot of people do not like performance reviews.  Many times it is the anticipation of bad news that can cause anxiety in the individual.  The fear of the unknown can overwhelm people. That’s the problem.  Nothing that is discussed in a performance review should be unknown. That is why they are called performance reviews […]

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Three Times A Leader’s Feelings Are Irrelevant

The team was sure their boss had emotional issues. “He could fly off the handle at any minute! If he doesn’t like you, your life will be hell. He really has a bad temper.” The leader was losing his team. He called it passion. They called it unpredictable. He did not want to ignore his […]

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What Are Leaders Afraid Of?

Fear is a natural part of the human condition. We all have fears and anxieties that we must face.   Fear kicks in when we recognize risk. If there is a perceived or actual risk involved in an activity, fear raises up inside of us and will try to rationalize all the reasons we should avoid […]

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Four Traits Elite Teams Have In Common

“If you don’t know where you are going, how do you expect to get there.” is one of my favorite quotes of all time. We all want to lead or be part of an elite team. But what does good look like? What do elite teams have in common? How can a leader develop an […]

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Five Truths About A Leader’s Life

Leaders are needed!  People want to be led by leaders who live lives that are consistent with what they claim to be important. I am unashamedly part of the leadership development/consulting industry.  The industry was pioneered by gurus like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell.  They have all provided invaluable tools and […]

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