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Everything you see on this page is something I believe will help you.  I am offering free white papers and other resources for you to download.  Any books I review, I read and I believe in.  You can scan my list and order them here (I am an Amazon Affiliate).  I will continue to add to these resources.  Some will be my own stuff.  Some will be from people I respect and admire.  I hope it helps.

Book Recommendations

Gates of Fire

Steven Pressfield’s historical novel is vivid and inspiring. As I read about the warriors and king of ancient Sparta, I was transfixed by their valor, honor and courage. The movie 300 brought the Battle of Thermopylae to the movies. But, Gates of Fire brings the men and women of Sparta to life. Leaders prepare to be awed and inspired.

Courage: The Backbone of Leadership

Gus Lee is a West Point graduate writing on a topic that all West Point graduates are trained in. Courage. Courage is a learned trait. It is a habit that can be developed. Courage is critical for a leader. Gus Lee has written a book that makes sense and makes you think. What could I do if I began to exercise the muscle called courage?

The Gold Standard: Building a World-Class Team- Mike Krzyzewski

In 2008 Coach K led the US Men’s Basketball team to the gold medal at the Olympics. This book tells the story of how he did it. How did he take a group of talented individuals and turn them into an unbeatable team? Coach K walks us through his thoughts throughout the process. It is possible to take a group of individuals who have traditionally had differing priorities and turn them into a cohesive team. Coach K is a master motivator and leader. This is a great book for anyone who is leading a team today or will be in the future.

Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us- Seth Godin

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” In the last 12 months I have quoted this book more in my talks and my blogs than any other leadership book. Seth Godin made me think. He challenged me to challenge the status quo. This is classic leadership that translates to todays connected world. How do people today want to be led? Read this book. It is easy to navigate and full of wisdom for today’s leaders.

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business -Patrick Lencioni

After hearing Patrick Lencioni speak in May, I knew I had to read The Advantage. The four disciplines needed to ensure organization health that he describes are basic, pure and almost always missing in dysfunctional companies. Why don’t leaders build organizations that are healthy? It is the leader’s responsibility. Healthy organizations don’t just happen. They require leaders who 1) Build a Cohesive Leadership Team, 2) Create Clarity, 3) Over-communicate Clarity and 4) Reinforce Clarity. This is a blue print for successful organizations. My advise: Buy it. Read it. Reread it. Then implement it.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us- Daniel Pink

Drive is a a book that put everything I thought I knew about motivating people to the test. Rarely has a book so fundamentally challenged my thought process. If you are leading people and wondering why your coaching, incentives or environment are not generating the type of commitment from others you desire, this book is perfect for you. Daniel Pink justifies his beliefs that motivation comes from Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose with data that is hard to argue with. I was blown away by how his logic and my experience were aligned. You will be too. This is a great book for anyone looking to change the direction of those they lead.

Hire On a WHIM: The Four Qualities That Make for Great Employees- Garrett Miller

In April I wrote three different blogs on hiring and referenced Hire On a WHIM in all three posts. This is perhaps the most practical and user friendly book I have read on hiring. Garrett Miller uses a business fable to convey his four most important attributes in hiring: Work Ethic, Humility, Integrity, and Maturity. They all make sense. But the genius of this book is the simplicity of the methods he shares for discovering those traits in a candidate. They give you a look into the character of a person. A person’s character will ultimately determine their success.

This is a great book for hiring managers and candidates alike. If I were interviewing, I’d want to prepare for these questions.

Necessary Endings – Henry Cloud

We all have things in our lives that just need to end. Some of them are jobs. Some of them are relationships (at work or in our personal lives). Necessary Endings is the book I recommend to anyone who feels trapped in one of those situations. Henry Cloud tells us that endings are good things. He calls it pruning (like a rose bush). Prune the branches that are healthy but are not the best. Prune the sick branches that are not going to get well. And prune the dead branches that are just taking up space. Without pruning, roses and humans will never grow to be what they are supposed to be. If your goal is to reach your potential and you know you have to make some changes to do it, order this book now.

Failing Forward – John Maxwell

This book almost made Books that Changed My Life list.  This may be the best sales book I ever read!  But, Failing Forward is not a sales book.  It is about life and how we address the times we fall short.  After reading this book, I began pushing my people to make mistakes.  “If you aren’t making mistakes, you probably are not trying hard enough.”

A great sales leader recently told me that based on my recommendation, she went through this book chapter by chapter with her team.  The results were dramatic for productivity and in her team’s home lives. Of all the books John Maxwell has written, this is #2 on my all-time favorites list.

Books that Changed My Life

The Bible: ESV Study Bible

I began reading the Bible at age 31.  Sitting in church in the midst of a sermon series on leadership, I realized that every leadership lesson I was searching for could be found in one book! I began reading the Bible for leadership lessons and my life was transformed through it. I now know that the Bible is God’s word to us. He is the author of all wisdom. I set aside time each day to read The Bible. The ESV Study Bible is a great resource for beginners and theologians alike.

48 Days To The Work You Love – Dan Miller

I have recommended this book to more people in the last 3 years than any other book. When I began to feel the tug of discontentment in my previous job, this book helped me to put structure to my thinking about “What’s next”. Through Dan’s systematic approach to evaluating my gifts, talents, past and passions, I realized that I had a tremendous array of career options in front of me. I just needed to take action! I have now met Dan and spent 3 days with him at his home. He is truly a gifted and generous man whose intention is to serve others. I am honored to call him a friend.

The Killer Angels – Michael Shaara

This Pulitzer Prize winning historical novel hooked me in Mr. Larocca’s 11th grade history class. I have read it more than a dozen times since. This book is a classic that was required reading at West Point. Michael Shaara did an amazing job bringing the Battle of Gettysburg to life by letting the reader see it through the eyes of its primary combatants, Robert E Lee, Joshua Chamberlain and John Buford. The epic movie Gettysburg is based on this book. The Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg relies on both the book and the movie to teach lessons of leadership to Fortune 500 companies and our government agencies as well. If there is one book on American history every leader should read, it is The Killer Angels.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – John Maxwell

In a time where leadership books take up multiple shelves in bookstores, this book remains a classic. John Maxwell does an amazing job at distilling leadership wisdom into digestible chunks. With each chapter, you will gain practical leadership advice no matter what level of leadership you hold. I believe this is John Maxwell’s most lasting contribution to leaders everywhere. When you are looking at a shelf full of leadership books wondering where to start, start here. I return to this book often to remind myself of the principles shared. I have no doubt that this book made me a better leader. If you want to grow as a leader, get it and read it.

The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel

Whether you believe the Bible or you don’t, this book is a great read. Lee Strobel did not believe. He was a Jewish lawyer and a trained investigative reporter who travelled the country interviewing the experts. He asked them the hard questions about Jesus. This book reads like a good detective story. Each time I read it or it’s companion The Case for Faith, I feel like I am watching a good episode of Law and Order. I don’t care where you start from faith wise, this book is required reading for those really interested in the evidence about Jesus.

Magazines I Recommend Subscribing To

Success: What Achievers Read

I can’t believe I only started getting this magazine in 2009. Soon after discovering it, I purchased subscriptions for everyone who worked for me. Included in each edition is a CD for those who have drive time. You can listen to the likes of John Maxwell, Zig Zigler and Seth Godin on the way to work. If committing to reading books on leadership or other success topics seems daunting, this magazine is for you. Every month, I dog ear page after page because the content never fails to challenge, train and inspire. The experts are all represented in the pages of this magazine. Everyone I recommend Success to agrees, this is a valuable resource.

Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine illustrates every month how entrepreneurs think. I see story after story describing how successful smaller companies are challenging the norms established by big corporate entities. If you want to be inspired, find new tools for your business and learn what your organization could be like, I would subscribe to Inc. Magazine.

World Magazine

This is a unique bi-weekly magazine. I describe it as Time Magazine for Christians. They take a look at the news and present it from a Christian perspective not a political one. They are not promoting an agenda for the next election or denigrating the people who might oppose their beliefs. This magazine allows me to read about the news from a Christian world view without the political rhetoric. If that interests you and you are tired of the political leanings of other news organizations, World Magazine is a refreshing change.

ALSLead Profiles

If you don’t know where you are going, how do you expect to get there.

–Basil Walsh

I have used this quote for years to stress the importance of strategic planning for individuals and organizations. But, equally important is:

To get where you want to go you have to know where you are starting from!

That is what the ALSLead Profile allows you to do.  After answering a series of 24 scientifically validated questions online, you receive an in-depth analysis of your natural tendencies that provides helpful insights into who you are today in the workplace.

After 20 years in Corporate America, I’ve taken many different personality tests and used them extensively in coaching people.  However, the format offered here delivers the most comprehensive and user friendly feedback I have encountered.

If your goal is to be a better leader or just a better of version of who you are now, this is a great first step.  After answering just 24 questions you will receive a customized ALSLead Profile that will help you understand more about yourself and how you operate.

This is a great tool for organizations to use to solve communication issues, to determine appropriate job responsibilities or to understand the about the people they intend to hire.  The analysis can be set up to go the individual and to your organization as well.

The ALSLead Profile is based on the DISC Personality System and will provide you with insights about how you interact with people, how you change in stressful situations, and how best to communicate with people who have different tendencies than you do.  I highly recommend it.  I also require it for anyone interested in 1 on 1 coaching with me.

Click here to take the next step. Or contact me via my email on the right side of this page.

White Papers (PDF’s)

My Leadership Philosophy:

When I tell people I run my own leadership consulting company, I am usually asked about my leadership philosophy.  My philosophy comes from four places:  My dad, West PointThe Bible, and 25 years of leading in the military and in Corporate America.  I love discussing leadership and learning about leadership.  Click below to get a PDF version of my leadership philosophy.  I would love to hear from you at anytime with feedback or with questions.

ALS-Leadership Philosophy

Organizational Values:

Organizational or personal values describe HOW we operate. Many organizations claim to follow certain values because they list them on their websites or they are on a poster in their offices.

Many people will say their organization has values published, but admit those companies do not live by them. Why?  I believe there are two reasons:

  1. The values are not defined. In other words, no one ever lays out exactly what each value looks like in practice.
  2. The values are not consistently communicated. Organizations and individuals must be marinated in their values consistently to make them part of their character.

The attached documents are examples of how a company could define their values for both their team members and their customers. More resources and information on how to effectively communicate these values will be available on this site soon.

Download Values PDF: