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What People I Have Worked With Say:


Dave’s use of real life stories and more importantly his personal investment in his client groups truly make his message impactful.  I cannot remember a trainer ever conducting the amount of advance work that Dave does, and it provides a level of customization that is unmatched.

 Pat Stacey
VP / General Manager, KLTV-TV
2011 Emmy Award Winner


Dave Anderson is and outstanding leader and business manager.  Throughout his career he has stood as someone who knows how to prioritize the most important elements of performance and leadership success.  As a leader, Dave knows the value of his people, and he supports them with a selfless and respectful leadership style.  Dave has a track record of top performance.  I endorse him without hesitation for any opportunity which would capitalize on his invaluable capabilities.

Jake Friedman
Former SVP of Sales, Pfizer Inc.
Current VP Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Dave Anderson is an extraordinary man. A man of unquestioned integrity, Dave has consistently demonstrated  that he doesn’t just “talk the talk,” but knows  how to implement transformational leadership within an organization. If your needs are in any way related to vision, strategy,  leadership or effective management, Dave just may be your man.

Tom Ramey
President/CEO, Vu Ryte Inc.

One of the things that define leaders is that they make the people around them better. I’m better because of Dave Anderson. His commitment to integrity, his relentless pursuit of what’s most important, and his clarity about how to bring out the best in people he serves has greatly shaped my role as a leader. As the pastor of a large church, I have served alongside Dave and watched him lead as chairman of our elder board. He has not only raised the bar for leaders in our context, but he has called us to a greater understanding of our role and led us to more intentional impact in the lives of the people we serve. Dave’s leadership skills are contagious and we are benefiting from the ripple effect of the culture he is helping shape.

Ross Strader
Sr. Pastor, Bethel Bible Church

Dave Anderson lives leadership. He has constructed talented and dedicated sales teams and led them to peak-level performance time and time again. A voracious consumer of historical and emerging scholarship relative to effective leadership, Dave is a consumately prepared trainer who will increase engagement levels and provide practical ways of sustaining individual and team productivity. Whether your organization is experiencing a period of substantive change or you are looking to further develop your colleagues and tap into even greater levels of discretionary commitment, Dave Anderson can help take you where you want to go.

Greg Doherty
Corporate Change Agent, sanofi-aventis

I have enjoyed collaborating with Dave on a variety of projects centered around strengthening one’s leadership skills.  When we have trained groups together, he has always been very well received and participants have gained and gleaned a lot.

Brian Brandt
CEO – Core Insights

Dave is a phenomenal leader.  He sets a standard that emulates his personality.  Dave has an energy and desire to see those around him seek out their own personal success.  His attention to the strengths of the individual allows him to build upon the necessary components of a winning team.

Michael Elrod
Vice President of Sales, South Central Division, Apria Healthcare

I think Dave Anderson is a leader of the highest character you’ll be able to find.  He has a proven record of success in leading and teaching others to lead in his family, his work and his community.  He has had a profound impact in my life even though I am many years his senior.  I treasure him as a friend and counselor.

Rick Knight
Executive Vice President, Libertas American Inc.

Dave Anderson is an exceptional leader, strategic thinker, and trusted advisor.  Dave inspires colleagues and customers with his depth of knowledge and expertise in corporate strategy, sales, and marketing.  What impresses me most about Dave is his ability to apply his tremendous talent and exceptional focus to problem solving in a sincere and genuine manner creating extraordinary results for colleagues and customers.  Dave Anderson is a transformational leader of the highest integrity.

Chris Cuzzola
Owner, Chief Customer Officer, PSI Medical

I worked for and with Dave Anderson in an ultra competitive sales environment.  What made Dave different is that he understood that leadership, both vertically and horizontally, always multiplies and enhances the desired results.  Dave’s ability to train and coach leaders not only got the desired sales results,  it also created strategic leaders who understood how to lead and positively influence people in their work environment as well  their personal lives.  Dave Anderson has left an indelible impact on each person he has worked with.  To this day, I continue to seek Dave’s council in many things, both personal and professional.

Chris Caraway
Senior Professional Healthcare Representative, Pfizer Inc.

Dave Anderson can be described as a person that can be counted on.  He goes beyond the call of duty, doing more than others expect.

And it comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail, and going the extra mile.  Bottom line:  Dave strives for excellence, which means he cares and he makes special effort to do more.

Caroline Tomlinson
Hall of Fame District Manager, Pfizer Inc.

I’ve worked with Dave for 15 years and have always been impressed with his uncanny ability to evaluate complex problems and produce clear, simple solutions. He is extremely passionate about his work and compassionate for the people in his charge. Dave unfailingly produces outstanding results with humility and in doing so, brings out the best in his people. He has a keen eye for talent and is very adept at identifying the strengths of his people, developing them to maximize those strengths.

Ralph Chester
Hall of Fame District Manager, Pfizer Inc.

Dave Anderson is the type of leader that others readily follow.  He exhibits the competence, confidence and commitment necessary to inspire others to go beyond their own self imposed limitations Through his service to our Nation in the United States Army and in his time spent in Corporate America, Dave consistently delivers on his passion for excellence. His positive can-do spirit is contagious as his his genuine care for those he serves.  Dave has a consistent track record of turning mediocre Sales Teams into Top Performers. He has my respect as a business mentor and friend
Steven Taylor
District Sales Manager-Northwest
Amgen-Nephrology Business Unit

The most prominent characteristic that jumps out about Dave is his absolute passion for people and his focus on helping them attain their goals.  He is a proven leader that transfers his passion to whatever he is working on.  A compelling reality that is quickly evident is that his passion for people and their success always comes across as genuine.  I consider Dave a friend and would work alongside him or for him any day!

Charles Campbell
District Manager, Pfizer Inc.

Sales and Marketing

Dave consistently seeks to understand the customers’ point of view and challenges, and then provides meaningful solutions.  Teaching these skills to others is a hallmark of his success.

Dave has the talent to create competitive strategies and tactics that equip the organization to achieve success.

Dave’s passion, energy, and tenacity are infectious.

Don Sanderson
Regional Director, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Dave’s focus is always on the hearts and minds of his people. When they are engaged and focused on the right things results follow

Dave’s impact is both genuine and relevant. His leadership philosophy benefits not just his team but the customer as well

Dave made a terrific impression on me as a person and as a leader. He always focused on executing the fundamentals in a routine manner both in the technical aspects of the job as well as the fundamentals of developing others

Marty Whalen
Regional Business Director, Texas.  Pfizer Inc

Dave is a proven leader with a broad range of insights that help provide answers to the complex challenges faced today with both business strategy and engaging employees and customers.
Steven Sorrells
Marketing Director, Oncology, Pfizer Inc.

Dave’s greatest strength is the high degree of personal character he brings to any situation, both personal and professional.  His passion uplifts those around him, and he is always willing to take a tough stand for what he believes.  I have always sought out Dave for his unique insights, especially how to motivate people.  Dave is a straight-forward, no-nonsense leader who is able to draw on his own life experiences and training to get the most out of those around him.  He is a true friend and would be an instant asset to any organization!
Jon Twidwell
District Manager, Pfizer Inc.

Coaching:  Those I’ve Coached

Dave has been a valuable friend and mentor to me the past five years. He has coached me in business and life, and was a key resource during my recent career transition. I appreciate his leadership and guidance in my career and personal life.

Steven Rogers
Management Consultant
Dallas, TX

Dave Anderson is an awesome leader who has climbed the ladder of success and has a passion for sharing with others ways to achieve success both professionally and personally.  It is clearly his mission to care for and cultivate the strengths of others to bring out their best.  His focus is on identifying God given strengths and bringing them to the forefront to leverage talents to achieve a greater level of success.  Dave leads by example and has a disciplined life centered on his faith and family that exudes a sense of peace and happiness that is to be desired.  As a coach he is humble about his achievements and offers practical solutions and real life examples of the hard work and values it takes to find success in professional and personal experiences.  He has “walked the walk” and is a wise mentor because of his hard earned success.  I do not hesitate to recommend him to any individual or team that needs his leadership.
Anna Malone
Merrill Lynch Wealth Managament
Financial Advisor

Dave helped me think of the “what ifs”.  He helped me prepare for the unexpected so that success and accomplishment in the face of change were not only achievable but they were situations to grow and make myself more marketable.  His insight and coaching were always applicable and valuable.  Thanks Dave!!!

Josh Snead
Senior Territory Business Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb

Dave Anderson is an uncommon leader.  He is a good man of integrity who is wise beyond his years.  Dave exemplifies what passionate and authentic servant leadership looks like.
He is a timeless leader and a gifted mentor for all who want to learn, stretch, and grow (professionally and personally).
Daily, I recall important truths that I have learned from Dave … thus, my depth of character only continues to deepen, as a result.
Yes … Dave Anderson is an uncommon leader.
Dorease Rioux
Clinical Sales Specialist, Genentech USA

I have had the very fortunate chance to work with and learn from Dave Anderson.  Dave has the critical ability of any effective leader to get the best out of each of those he works with.  He inspires action and earns respect.  Dave is an expert salesman and knows how to develop others to achieve dramatic results.  His advice and coaching is both sound and insightful.  Dave Anderson is a true professional who gives everything his best and is the type of individual that makes the difference between a good organization and a great one.

Ron Staggs
Biological Sales Specialist, Bacterin International, Inc.

Dave Anderson has been the single greatest manager I have had in my career.  I have had numerous managers  and have seen how different leadership philosophies play out on teams.  What sets Dave apart is his sheer commitment to the happiness and success of his people, both personally and professionally.  He sets a vision for his team from the very beginning and gets buy in from everyone to make that vision a reality.  Everyone on Dave’s team felt engaged and committed to its success.   Not only did we set our expectations, we were encouraged to exceed them, and do it as a team.  We WERE the team to beat with a true ”team spirit” mentality.  I  am now pursuing a manager position and can only hope to be as respected as Dave Anderson.  He truly sets the bar high for leadership.

Terra Ortiz
Professional Healthcare Representative
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals