Anderson Leadership Solutions is a character based leadership organization focused on bringing lasting leadership solutions to organizations and individuals.

  • How does an organization attract, grow and retain high character leaders?
  • How does an organization establish and maintain its character/culture?
  • How does an organization prevent leadership training from becoming an annual check the box event that has little sustainability?
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Most corporate sponsored leadership training is ineffective. Why?

  1.  Many consultants attempt to jam their round peg of a program into the square hole of an organization.
  2. Most training has a short half -life because there lacks accountability within the client organizations to actually implement the ideas generated at training events.
  3. Leadership training often focuses on what a leader needs to do to others versus what the leader needs to change in himself/herself.

You won’t find a one size fits all attitude here. Each organization, like each person is different and has different strengths and different needs. What you will find is a focus on your unique needs and the delivery of solutions with passion, candor, and simplicity.

If you’re scratching your head and want to discuss these ideas, please contact me. I am here to serve you.  I passionately want to see a new generation of high character leaders begin impacting every organization I touch.

I will do this through project based consulting, training events and speaking. Here are some project, training and speaking topics:

Leadership Topics

Frontline Leaders Program (6 Session Program)
The Coach’s Tool Kit (3 Session Program)
Building Leaders West Point’s Way
ACT (Attitude, Communication, Trust) Like Leaders
The Five Keys To Building A Low Maintenance Team
Building A Team of Leaders
Making Your Company’s Values Valuable
Know Thyself:  DISC
Communicate Like Leaders
Hiring For Character
Firing—When and How To End It