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Isolation Leads to Selfishness on Teams

Isolation Creates Selfishness


Situation #1: On the way to the grocery store you drive by a friend parked on the shoulder with a flat tire.

Situation #2: On the way to the grocery store you drive by a stranger on the shoulder with a flat tire.

Who has the better odds of you stopping to help? Your friend. Why? Because you know them. It is easier to focus on yourself when you don’t have a relationship with someone who may be in need. Continue Reading…

One Thing that Separates Winners from Losers

Rear view of businesswoman standing in light of crack in wall

What is that secret sauce that creates a winner? Why do some incredibly talented people fail to launch, while some more average people become huge successes?

Let’s face it, some people are winning in life and some people are losing. Winning or losing in life is not determined by inherent talent or an alignment of circumstances. What often separates the winners from the losers? Excuses. Continue Reading…

Coaching – The Truth About Time Management Issues

Is it about time management?

“I didn’t have time to get it done.” Any leader who has coached employees or parent who raised teenagers has heard this excuse and been frustrated.

Let’s not fool ourselves anymore, when someone tells us “I didn’t have enough time.” What they are truly saying is “I had bigger priorities.” Continue Reading…

Two Common and Controllable Causes of Stress

Stressed Out

Some people are always stressed, while others always seem calm. Some people are anxious about every decision, while others seem content with the possibility of failure.

As I observe both types of people, I believe there are two self-created issues that set us up for stressful days and nights. They are mindsets that we have control over, yet many of us fail to control. Continue Reading…

Taking Over After A Bad Leader Has Left

A Nosedive!

Craig’s boss left the company suddenly due to an ethics issue. Now Craig was leading the team. The team had been on a down hill slide for a while. But now, both performance and attitudes were in a nosedive.

“How can I turn it around, Dave? People are angry, hurt, and wondering about their futures. I feel the same way, but now I’m in charge! I’ve got good people, but they are beaten down. Customers are heading to the competition ever since they heard about the ethical issues of the last guy.” Continue Reading…

4 Ways To Lead Without The Title

If Not You, They Who?

Titles mean something.  Team Leader, Manager, Supervisor, Vice-President- they are all titles bestowed on those who are called by an organization to lead.  They have the official duties and responsibilities that go with the title.

John Maxwell says leadership is influence.  If that is true, are the people with the titles the only ones called to lead?  No.  The title gives them some positional authority, but leaders are needed at every level of an organization. Continue Reading…

Four Keys To Overcoming Failure

What now?

What if I fail?  There are no “If’s”!  You will fail.  We all fail.  We all fall flat on our faces at some point.  Some of us have more scars from those falls than others.

I am convinced that whatever success I have achieved in this life can be traced back to the failures that preceded the successes.  Thomas Watson once said, “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”

If leaders, employees, spouses and children changed their attitude from fearing failure to embracing it, they would all increase their success rate. Continue Reading…

News Flash: We Are All Called to Lead

We are all leaders

“I’m just not the leader type.” Some people say this because they misunderstand leadership. Some people say this because they don’t want the responsibility that comes with being a leader.

Let me clear something up. We are all called to lead! Avoiding leadership is next to impossible. Many people say leadership is influence. If that is true, then we should all consider ourselves leaders.

No matter where I am or who I am, I have influence.   There is truly only two ways I can influence someone. I can either make them worse or make them better. Continue Reading…

The Confident Leader Vs. The Arrogant Leader

When The Arrogant Lead

Martin’s reputation for arrogance preceded him. He was assigned to our leadership team whether we wanted him to be there or not.

I decided to ignore his reputation and form my own opinions about Martin. I never tried harder to like someone in my entire life.   Unfortunately, the rumors about Martin were accurate.

Confidence is a desirable trait in a leader. But Martin was not confident. He was flat out arrogant. Continue Reading…

Six Reasons I Like Humble People

What's Not To Like?

The world is full of self-important, self-absorbed, and self-promoting people.  I prefer humble people.  They are truly a breath of fresh air when I meet them.

Humility seems to be a virtue that is losing ground in today’s world.  Humble people do not make for good TV.  The media prefers to make the bold and the brash the lead story.  These are the people who make the headlines.

The bravado superstars show on Sportscenter or CEO’s demonstrate on MSNBC or Fox News makes for good ratings.  I just don’t think it makes for very good people. Continue Reading…

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