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My Un-Resume: I Failed My Team

My Un-Resume

My un-resume is my list of screw-ups.  They are things I am not proud of.

Periodically I share my un-resume with the world.  Most people who speak and consult on leadership are sure to present their successes to their clients.  I’m doing something different.

Yes, I’ve had success through the years and received awards and recognition as a result.  But rarely did my successes teach me as much as my failures.  Rest assured, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to learn!

Edited since originally posted in April 2012.

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A Mentor Attitude

Mentoring Attitude

Looking back, the eye rolling was inevitable.  Everyone on the leadership team knew the idea was unlikely to work.

Our boss had sparked the doubts. “We need to initiate a mentoring program.  The Human Resources department can work on developing a program we can roll out in the fourth quarter.”

We were all thinking one thing:  “Oh no. Another program.” Continue Reading…

Two Problems With Team Standards

How High Is The Hoop?

“I met the standards.  What is the problem?”  There are likely two problems here.  Problem #1 is the attitude.  Problem #2 is the standards themselves.

I have either caused or witnessed both of these problems. Some people believe the first problem is with the follower and the second problem is with the leader. This is a fallacy.

Originally Posted January 2013.

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One Thing Great Coaches Do

Which one's the coach?

It was 1979 and I was sitting on a slab of concrete in the 90 degree heat at a summer basketball camp.  I was about to be in 8th grade and loved basketball.

I wanted to show the coach of the local college that I was willing to do anything to get better.  The coach was on the court demonstrating how we were supposed to play good man-to-man help defense.  He was sweating like I was, and I loved it.

Though he was young and in his first head coaching job, I thought he one of the greatest coaches alive. His name was Coach Mike Krzyzewski, and he wasn’t just modeling good defense.  He was modeling good coaching. Continue Reading…

The Coach’s Tool Kit Radio Interview

Recently I was interviewed by a local radio personality about The Coach’s Tool Kit a 3 session program I developed to specifically meet the needs of leaders who have responsibility for developing and coaching individuals on their teams.

Express Leadership University is a Leadership Development company I run locally that specifically meets the needs of East Texas Businesses.  Our goal is to become- The Leadership Development Company for East Texas Businesses.

Yes.  I run two companies.  Anderson Leadership Solutions is focused on leadership development outside of my local area and Express Leadership University is my  local business.

Express Leadership University’s new website will be up and running shortly.  Stay tuned for more MP3 and videos to appear on both sites.


What is the biggest challenge you have or you see others have in coaching people?

Leaders: 3 Poor Excuses To Say “No”

"No" Is Too Easy

I’ve been that guy.  I wanted everything to run smoothly so I would do as Nancy Reagan did and “Just Say No.”

Years later, in my rearview mirror, I realize by saying “No” too quickly, I damaged my team and the individuals on my team.  I missed opportunities to develop better decision makers and therefore better leaders.

What was it about me as a leader that made me say “No” so quickly?  I usually had 1 of 3 excuses for saying “No” and none of them were good.

This blog is reposted from October 2012.

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Leaders – Who Sets The Standards?

Where The Standard Is Set

My boss had some pretty high standards.  In fact, he often bragged that his standards were higher than those of his peers.

When I came onto the team, I liked his approach.  I truly believed that a leader who set high standards got more out of people and had better teams.  I was wrong, and he was wrong.  Continue Reading…

My Un-Resume: I Didn’t Call HR

My Un-Resume

It was nuts!  I had all the documentation and evidence I needed to fire her, but I was being investigated! She claimed I created an unfair work environment.

This woman skipped work and lied repeatedly.  I got reports of her sleeping with some customers and unprofessional behavior with others.

Her actions created a schism within my team.  I had multiple reasons to fire her, but I was being investigated! Continue Reading…

Four Keys To Training Decision-Making

Decisions - Decisions

He was a good military officer and is still a good friend.  He is now in a sales job that does not have a leadership title, but he is developing people where he is.  I recently asked him what he was doing that made him so successful.

His response was simple:  “I try to help them make good decisions.”  He spent his time training people how to think.  Because the people around him made better decisions, they were getting promoted.  Could it be that simple? Continue Reading…

4 Naïve Assumptions Of New Leaders

I Was Naive

I couldn’t wait to be promoted.  I knew all the things I wanted to accomplish.  I was also looking forward to the perks of leadership.  In the Army we used to say, “Rank Has It’s Privileges (RHIP).”

But, years later, I realized that these sentiments were naive.  They seem real to someone who has not held a position of leadership.  But, once I earned that promotion, I learned that my assumptions were far from reality.

With every new class I teach, comes new leaders with the same assumptions.

This is a repost from April 2012.

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