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Productive Conflict – What’s Your Angle?

To Be Sharp - Friction is Required

If a team does not engage in productive conflict, I guarantee you they are not coming up with the best solutions.

I sharpen a knife with friction.   As I drag a knife across a wet stone, I must maintain the proper angle in order to sharpen the knife’s edge. If I do not keep the knife at the correct angle, I either make it duller, or I have no impact on the edge at all.

Productive conflict is friction correctly applied. Continue Reading…

I Trusted. I Got Burned. So What?

I have a choice!

It stung! No doubt about it. A few months after Bob left the company, I found out he had pulled the wool over my eyes. I got burned by someone I had trusted.

He faked his work activity reports. He forged signatures of clients. There were even rumors of him talking to me on the phone during work hours as he lay in bed with one of his colleagues. Continue Reading…

Moral Courage and Leadership

Knight with sword and shield

There are really two types of Courage: physical Courage and moral Courage. Physical Courage is taking action in the face of perceived or actual physical danger.

In society at large, many times we automatically call a person a hero if he or she overcomes a grave physical danger, such as a fire, robbery, car accident, or tornado. But is physical Courage displayed out of self-preservation on the same level with physical Courage on display when others are in harm’s way? That is when the second type of Courage arises—moral Courage. Continue Reading…

Imagine Leaders Who Speak With Clarity

Crystal Clear

“If you ever find yourself trying to read me, stop it.  I am not intentionally being vague.  I am just being a bad communicator at that moment.”  This statement became part of my introduction to people joining my team.

Most people reacted to that statement in two ways. Some seemed relieved.  Some were confused.  Whether it was relief or confusion, both reactions were the result of working on teams where they spent too much time trying to figure out their boss. Continue Reading…

Two Battles All Leaders Must Fight

Business woman going to the open door

Character is the reason most leaders fail, but what causes most of our character failures? Why do some leaders succumb to the temptation to lie or cheat? Why do others avoid confrontations or demean their subordinates? Why do micromanagers micromanage?

Honestly, most resources do not go deep enough and get to the root cause of these failures. They just say, “Don’t do this,” or “Do this instead.” When writing our book, we realized we needed a different approach. We wanted to find the real cause for character failures, and we think we found the cause—actually, two causes! Continue Reading…

Three Decisions That Destroy Comfort Zones and Mediocrity

Comfort Zones Create Mediocrity

“If you want to accomplish something you have never accomplished before you must start doing things you have never done before.” Those words hit me hard a few years ago. The truth is:

Your Comfort Zone is Also Your Mediocrity Zone

If you want to be average – if you want to be the same person in five years that you are today, then stay in your comfort zone. That was what I was doing. I never set out to be mediocre, but I was heading towards it at the end of my corporate career. Continue Reading…

Three Rules To Leading Peers

What do you attract?

“What can I do?  If I step up and try to lead my peers, I don’t think they will follow.  I’m not as direct as you are Dave. ”

The quote above is representative of a lot of conversations I have inside of companies who ask for my help.  There are many people who know they should be a leader among their peers.  They just aren’t sure how to accomplish it. Continue Reading…

What’s A Shepherd Without Sheep

Who Is Following?

Question 1:  Are sheep without a shepherd still sheep?  Answer:  Yes.

Question 2:  Is a shepherd without sheep still a shepherd? Answer: No.

A shepherd without sheep is just a hygienically challenged man walking the countryside with a stick in his hands.

Leaders:  It is the people that make you a leader not the title!

Continue Reading…

Over-Analysis Causes Me Headaches

Is This An Aneurysm?

Every time people around me use statements or questions from the list below, I feel an aneurysm coming on.  They make my head hurt just reading them.

  • “We need to study this further.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “But what if…”
  • “We need to cover all our bases.”
  • “Can we run some more numbers?”
  • “Who’s going to be responsible?”

Continue Reading…

Three Reasons To Speak Up

Speak Up and Make Change Happen

If I challenge my boss, she will thank me.  If I speak up for what is right, my boss will not persecute me.  If I fight for my integrity despite pressure from above, I will always keep my job.

None of these results are guaranteed if I do the right thing.  The only time I have a guarantee is if I stay silent.  My silence guarantees things will stay the way they are.  Speaking up is the only way change may happen.

Continue Reading…

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