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Faith and Business – My Interview on Faith Positive Radio

FB Dave Anderson

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Joey Faucette on Faith Positive Radio.  The question was “How does my faith transfer into being successful in business?”

To listen to this interview and other questions related to being a person of faith in today’s business world,

Listen Here:

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Two Ways You Know You Are About to Fail

Should Have Seen It Coming?

Critiquing a basketball team or soccer team the day after a game is easy. ESPN has built a television empire by analyzing the mistakes made by coaches and players.

The scrutiny is often insightful with multiple lessons for other coaches and players to consider. It is much easier to diagnose why someone failed AFTER the failure.

But, what can we to do identify an impending failure? How can we see it before it happens and make changes? Continue Reading…

Vision: Am I Enjoying The Ride?

Enjoying The Ride

There are times when I love to drive.  Long drives on open roads are some of my favorites.  I like to have my music turned up and my seat pushed back.  I enjoy uninterrupted views for miles.

But, there have been those moments when the ride changes.  Like when I drive into a bank of fog.  Everything changes. Continue Reading…

A Bad Start Can Lead To A Great Career

Keep Your Head Up!

In my fifteen years of leading sales people I rejoiced with my new hires when they had a great first year. But, experience also taught me that early success could be the worst thing for some people.

Success in sales or in any aspect of business is often determined by a person’s response to failure. Those people who experience early failure and adapt, often turn out to have the best careers. Continue Reading…

How Calm People Stay Calm

Are You Really Calm?

He was more amped up then a Chihuahua after a can of Red Bull.  Here was my peer yelling at me because some people were sitting in the wrong area of a conference room during a sales meeting.

When I told him we could “make it work as is”, he said “Well I am glad you can be so flip about this Dave!”

Some people do not react well to stress.  In fact some people create their own stress and then don’t react to it well.  On the other hand, other people never seem flustered by the most stressful circumstances.  What do the calm have that the amped up Chihuahua does not?

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Courage: Where Do I Find It?

Image of Courage

Courage is a buzzword I defined previously as:  To act without regard for perceived or actual personal risk.

Is there anyone alive who does not wish to be courageous?  For courage to be part of my character, I must develop to the point where I am habitually acting in a courageous way in both the big things and the small.  I have written that character:

  • Begins with our thoughts.
  • Our thoughts become our words.
  • Our words lead to our actions.
  • Our actions become habits.
  • Our habits determine our character.
  • Our character determines our destiny.

Based on this premise then, the first step in developing into a person who habitually acts in a courageous way, I must begin by thinking about what courage looks like in practice. Continue Reading…

Leaders of Character: West Point’s Way

What They Missed

Headline:  West Point, The Best Public College in America — US News and World Report in 2011. 

My alma mater opened in 1802 as an engineering school.  In 2011 it was ranked third in the nation for undergraduate engineering, still lockstep with its 200-year-old original purpose.  But at its heart, West Point is a leadership school.

The primary mission of West Point has been to provide leaders of character for our nation.

The question, “Can character be developed?” is answered every May when a new group of 1,000 second lieutenants complete four years of character development.  In June of 1984, I began my journey from typical high school graduate to trained Army officer four years later.  West Point changed my attitude about what the word character means.

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Character: Don’t Have a Grandson with a Dog Collar

He's Not My Grandson...

Direct TV warns us:  “Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar.”  While I am tempted to blame my issues on the cable television industry, especially their “customer service centers”, I believe my issues, particularly my character issues are internally derived.

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