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Salary and Bonus: What Are They For?

For Effort Or For Results?

“I worked hard this year!  I deserve a bigger bonus!”  I heard this complaint almost annually in 15 years in various sales leadership positions.  Sometimes it was a valid complaint.  Most of the time it wasn’t.

I like people who are competitive and driven to win.  In sales, I looked for those traits in everyone I hired.  Unfortunately, I found that drive often gave people an unrealistic perception of what they deserved.

“You receive a salary for effort.  You get a raise and/or bonuses for results.” Continue Reading…

New Year’s Goal Setting – A Simple Model

Qualify Your Brainstorming Ideas

What are my priorities for this year? What accounts and what goals should I focus my efforts on? The time is now to ask these questions. Do not wait until after the holidays.

I sat in many, many strategy sessions for individuals, small teams and large organizations. They can be a beat down or very productive and energizing.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a tool that helped me clear through the clutter of brainstorming sessions and simplified my action planning. Continue Reading…

Common Sense is Making Me Common

Common Sense Makes Me Common

I am an idea person. Some of the ideas I have are a little off the wall.   When my brain is firing on all cylinders ideas come in a flood. The ideas role in for new blog posts, phrases for the book I am writing, marketing plans etc.

I think many of us have something deep inside we want to do. But, that idea or new direction is stuck in the mire created by our common sense. If I only do what common sense tells me to do, am I dooming myself to just being common? Does my reliance on common sense keep me doing common things with common results? Continue Reading…

IMPACT Talk Radio Topic – Leading Yourself Through Obstacles with Host Dave Anderson and Black Hawk Pilot Elizabeth McCormick


Dave Anderson speaks with Army Black Hawk Pilot, Celebrity Speaker and author Elizabeth McCormick about Leading Yourself Through Obstacles.

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Two Keys To Avoiding Over-Commitment

Saying "Yes" can be an affliction

Yes is one word.  It is one word that can please so many and also let so many people down.  I struggle to say NoNo does not come easily, but it has saved me and saved my credibility more than once.

I am sure I am not alone.  I often commit to a good project or a good cause due to my desire to please others.  I, like many other people who over-commit themselves, end up damaging relationships rather than strengthening them. Continue Reading…

Small Goals Do Not Inspire People

Big Goals Inspire

Small goals are uninspiring. If a leader wants a motivated team, setting the bar low or downplaying the difficulty of a tougher task is a big mistake.

“People do not exert themselves for little, unimportant goals. They work hard, take great risks, and let nothing stop them only for big goals.” – MG William A Cohen Continue Reading…

The Essential Element to Having Influence

The Key To Influence

Tim was not the leader type. I made that judgment early in our work relationship. He was reserved and a little nerdy. He was not someone who attracted a lot of attention. I soon found out I was dead wrong about Tim’s ability to lead.

The key to leadership is influence. Tim wielded incredible influence within our team and with his customers. But, what is the key to influence? Some people might say it is charisma or power. However, Tim did not have either of these. Continue Reading…

Three Decisions That Destroy Comfort Zones and Mediocrity

Comfort Zones Create Mediocrity

“If you want to accomplish something you have never accomplished before you must start doing things you have never done before.” Those words hit me hard a few years ago. The truth is:

Your Comfort Zone is Also Your Mediocrity Zone

If you want to be average – if you want to be the same person in five years that you are today, then stay in your comfort zone. That was what I was doing. I never set out to be mediocre, but I was heading towards it at the end of my corporate career. Continue Reading…

Three Distractions That Defeat A Good Plan

Most Plans Work.  It's The Execution

The Zone, Body For Life, Atkins, South Beach, and Vegan are all different eating plans I have employed to lose weight. They all worked too. That is, they worked as long as I executed the plan!

I’ve spent many hours in conference rooms developing business plans. Some companies will take three months out of 2014 to plan for 2015. Very few businesses or business people ignore planning.

But, some businesses thrive and some just survive. Was it truly a better strategy that made the difference or just better execution? Continue Reading…

Three Things That Kill A Good Idea

Idea Killer

The death of a good idea is a tragedy.  Many individuals bring forward great ideas only to see them assaulted by three different assassins.

I have watched the assaults and done nothing.  Yet, I wondered why my team was stagnating and not moving forward.  I was asleep at the wheel.

These assassins were individuals, groups and/or processes.  All three were the result of an inattentive leader-me.  But once I learned how to identify these assassins, I was able to save some great ideas from the clutches of death. Continue Reading…

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