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One Thing That Kills Trust

"It's my fault."

Who do I trust? And why do I trust them?  There are a lot of things that play a role in whom I trust.

Integrity, consistency, and reliability are just a few.  I trust people who display these attributes – most of the time.  However, even the most honest, consistent and reliable person will lose my trust if they are arrogant.

Humility inspires trust.  Arrogance creates doubt.

Doubt kills trust. Continue Reading…

Private Tests Of A Leader’s Character

Private Tests Of Character

“No one is going to get hurt.”

In a nutshell:  “Your character is who you are when no one is watching.” We can all justify our choices by saying others won’t get hurt.  But we all know there can be collateral damage to others when a leader makes a poor, private choice.

However, I want to focus on the character implications of these private battles we face. The definition of character I use is:  Character is our habitual way of operating.  In other words, HOW I AM IS WHO I AM. Continue Reading…

Leadership – Duty and Setting the Example

More is caught than taught!

Thank goodness politicians are not the only examples we have for leadership. Rarely do their words match their actions. They may be great speakers, but who cares! Our words mean nothing unless our actions follow those words.

The actions of an introverted Leader of Character will lead a team to excellence before the eloquent words of hypocritical extrovert. Our actions create followers more than our words do. Continue Reading…

Your Choices Make You or Break You

pair of foot standing on a floor with two arrows

Who I am as a person is determined by the choices I make in life. Courage is a choice. Humility is a choice. Integrity is a choice. Selflessness is a choice. Duty is a choice. Positivity is a choice.

My circumstances may not be in my control, but the choices I make in the midst of those circumstances are. Each time I am faced with a choice, I am either moving closer to the person I want to be or further from it.   Continue Reading…

Who Is Going To Step Up And Lead?

Who's Going To Lead?

They just stood there! When the captains left the court, none of the other players stepped forward to lead. It was funny. It was sad. It was telling. Communication broke down and chaos ensued.

I was watching a high school girls sporting event.  Unfortunately, I have seen this in the business world too.  When the leader is gone and nobody steps forward, a bump in the road can cause a relatively smooth running team to end up in a ditch.

Continue Reading…

What Are Leaders Afraid Of?

What Scares Leaders?


Fear is a natural part of the human condition. We all have fears and anxieties that we must face.   Fear kicks in when we recognize risk. If there is a perceived or actual risk involved in an activity, fear raises up inside of us and will try to rationalize all the reasons we should avoid taking action.

We become the cowards we never pictured ourselves to be, because we let fear dominate us. So what are we afraid of? Continue Reading…

The 3 Keys to Being Great at Anything

Practice, Practice
  • Carli Lloyd did it and became America’s hero during the 2015 Women’s World Cup.
  • Stephen Curry does it and was named the MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals.
  • Stephen King does it and is one of the most read authors in the world.
  • Chris Kyle did it and saved hundreds of American lives in combat.

These people are all professionals. These people are all recognized as the best at what they do. For leaders (for anybody) who want to become great, we can learn one thing from the examples above.

Hoping to be great is not enough.

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One Thing that Separates Winners from Losers

Rear view of businesswoman standing in light of crack in wall

What is that secret sauce that creates a winner? Why do some incredibly talented people fail to launch, while some more average people become huge successes?

Let’s face it, some people are winning in life and some people are losing. Winning or losing in life is not determined by inherent talent or an alignment of circumstances. What often separates the winners from the losers? Excuses. Continue Reading…

Integrity: Compromise or Consequences

Which choice will you make?

If I only do the right thing when it is easy, is that truly integrity? There were times in my life I considered myself a man of integrity, but I truly only did the right thing when I had nothing to lose.

Doing the right thing is easy if I have nothing at risk, but is that truly integrity or is it just the path of least resistance? When my integrity is challenged, I am really choosing between two things: Compromise or Consequences. Continue Reading…

Four Words That Separate a Leader from a Manager

Leader Vs. Manager

“What’s the difference between a leader and a manager?” she asked.  I was sitting in front of this executive because this was the crux of the issue going on in her company.

I was unprepared for the question and therefore rambled on WAY too long. I was sure I did not get her business.  Fortunately, somewhere in my long winded answer she heard something she liked, and she hired me to work with her team leaders.

Now I can answer her question in four words –

Behaviors, Followers, Titles, Subordinates

Continue Reading…

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