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IMPACT Talk Radio host Dave Anderson interviews Brian Brandt of Core Insights

Dave Anderson of Anderson Leadership Solutions interviews Brian Brandt of Core Insights. Do you know what you stand for? Does your team? Learn how to take your core values from pious words on a website and bring them to life in your team! Free PDF downloads are available at Overwhelmedmanagersguide.com. Podcasts also available on iTunes.

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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Middle Managers and Frontline Leaders eliminate bad attitudes, politics, and distrust on your teams! Changing the culture of a team requires the leader to change. Listen to IMPACT Talk Radio today for no fluff, straight talking solutions designed to IMPACT high IMPACT leaders who want to lead high IMPACT Teams. Every show goes beyond theory and gets into HOW to make an IMPACT that matters.

Building Team Culture: Marinate Your People

A LMT Culture Survives Adversity

When meat is marinated, it is soaked in a marinade for an extended period of time.  The marinade sauce penetrates into the meat and not only keeps the meat moist and edible when it is placed over a fire, but it also changes the flavor of the meat.  That flavor is maintained during the cooking process.

When I forget to marinate the meat and just place the sauce on the outside right before hitting the flames, the heat of the fire often burns the sauce.  There is a charred flavor on the outside, while on the inside the meat is dry and flavorless.  The fire damages the meat instead of adding to its flavor.

A Low Maintenance Team (LMT) has a culture developed by the leader actively marinating the people in the principles the leader wants the LMT to embrace and emulate.  This is how a LMT Culture is created and maintained. Continue Reading…

Two Ways To Stunt Leadership Development

Let Them Decide!

Many people are not prepared for leadership because their leader has not prepared them.   Some leaders fail to develop the people around them because they don’t allow them to make decisions.

When a leader prevents people from making decisions at lower levels, the organization is creating an environment where low potential followers flourish and future leaders flee. Continue Reading…

What Is A Low Maintenance Team?


There are High Maintenance People and there are Low Maintenance People.  The High Maintenance People wear me out.  I like Low Maintenance People!

I believe you can have teams that are High Maintenance and teams that are Low Maintenance.  I have led both types of teams.  Again, I like Low Maintenance Teams!  

What does a Low Maintenance Team look like?  Why is a Low Maintenance Team the best team to lead? Continue Reading…

Leaders: Get Out Of The Way

Get Out Of The Way

Lead, Follow AND Get Out of The Way!  The famous bumper sticker actually reads Lead, Follow OR Get Out of The Way.  But, for leaders the proper statement needs the AND instead of the OR.

For most people placed into leadership the call to lead is obvious.  This is a no-brainer.  A teacher’s job is to teach.  A saleperson’s job is to sell.  Also no-brainers.

But, what about following or even more confusing…getting out of the way?  Continue Reading…

My Un-Resume: I Failed My Team

My Un-Resume

My un-resume is my list of screw-ups.  They are things I am not proud of.

Periodically I share my un-resume with the world.  Most people who speak and consult on leadership are sure to present their successes to their clients.  I’m doing something different.

Yes, I’ve had success through the years and received awards and recognition as a result.  But rarely did my successes teach me as much as my failures.  Rest assured, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to learn!

Continue Reading…

Four Keys To Training Decision-Making

Decisions - Decisions

He was a good military officer and is still a good friend.  He is now in a sales job that does not have a leadership title, but he is developing people where he is.  I recently asked him what he was doing that made him so successful.

His response was simple:  “I try to help them make good decisions.”  He spent his time training people how to think.  Because the people around him made better decisions, they were getting promoted.  Could it be that simple? Continue Reading…

Compliant Vs. Committed Teams

Committed Teams Beat Compliant Teams

My last 5 years leading sales teams I noticed a shift in our corporate culture. Because of increased regulations corporate compliance became a mantra throughout the organization.

Playing within the rules is a given in business. But, the increased communication around compliance had a negative side effect. Compliance became a goal in and of itself. The implication was that if I had a compliant team, I was a successful leader.

Continue Reading…

To Lead A Low Maintenance Team – Surrender Self

LMT Leaders Surrender Self

All leaders would love to have a low maintenance team (LMT).  A LMT allows a leader to focus on the big things and avoid the day to day hassles that could and should be handled at lower levels.  When a leader does that, the leader and the team are more engaged and burnout and turnover for both are lower.

But, while most leaders believe they want to lead a LMT, many are not ready to give up what they need to surrender in order to lead the team they desire.

If I want to be a leader of a LMT I must surrender SELF.  I must:

  1. Surrender my control
  2. Surrender my fears
  3. Surrender my time

Continue Reading…

Hiring A Low Maintenance Team – Hire Character

Recipe for an LMT:  Hire Character

I am one of those guys who does not always get to control the TV remote in my house.  Because of this dynamic, my desire to watch Deadliest Catch or SportsCenter is put on hold so my wife can watch one of her cooking shows.

One thing I often hear on these shows is to always start with the best ingredients:  really good vanilla, fresh vegetables or premium meats.  I see this as an essential for Building A Low Maintenance Team (LMT) as well.  To truly develop a LMT, I must start with great ingredients.  In this case, that means hiring the right people.

I must hire people of character.  That sounds logical but Hiring Character is not simple. Continue Reading…

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