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Trust Before Trust Is Earned

Trust First

Trust in a relationship, whether it is at work or at home, is the foundation to the success of that relationship.  Without trust between individuals or on a team, mediocrity and failure are the most likely results.

I have worked for people who told me I had to earn their trust.  I have worked in organizations that made the same thing clear, without someone verbalizing it.  In both situations, the team was dysfunctional and selfishness prevailed.

I believe the first thing a leader needs to establish on a team is trust.  The fastest way to establish trust is to be the first one to trust! Continue Reading…

3 Words That Prove I Own My Actions

Who Owns It!

Ownership or excuses.  One is the mark of a leader.  The other is a sign that I am bound for mediocrity and failure.  In the long run, people who make excuses stall out.

Making excuses is a habit.  I wrote about how West Point deals with this habit in West Point:  How Leaders Seize Accountability.  But what are the results for me if I habitually make excuses?

Previously posted in December 2012.

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One Thing That Kills Trust

"It's my fault."

Who do I trust? And why do I trust them?  There are a lot of things that play a role in whom I trust.

Integrity, consistency, and reliability are just a few.  I trust people who display these attributes – most of the time.  However, even the most honest, consistent and reliable person will lose my trust if they are arrogant.

Humility inspires trust.  Arrogance creates doubt.

Doubt kills trust. Continue Reading…

Two Keys To Avoiding Over-Commitment

Saying "Yes" can be an affliction

Yes is one word.  It is one word that can please so many and also let so many people down.  I struggle to say NoNo does not come easily, but it has saved me and saved my credibility more than once.

I am sure I am not alone.  I often commit to a good project or a good cause due to my desire to please others.  I, like many other people who over-commit themselves, end up damaging relationships rather than strengthening them. Continue Reading…

Five Ways Leaders Build Trust

Does my team trust me?

My team didn’t trust me.  It was my first leadership role outside the Army.  I had been in charge of this team of 10 sales representatives for almost 6 months.

I believed I was trustworthy, but the truth was a hard pill to swallow.  I thought just being a good guy would make my people believe that I was trustworthy. But, for some people and for some teams, trust does not come that easily.

As a leader I learned how important it was to build trust.  I needed to be intentional and have a plan.  Continue Reading…

Leading Up – 3 Keys To Confronting Your Boss

Leading Up is Up To Me!

Confronting your boss is not fun. When I have done it, I have been met with anger, indifference, and/or passive aggressiveness. I have also seen some very positive reactions as well.

When I speak to groups about Building A Culture of Leadership within an organization, I always discuss the need for those without the title to speak up and lead up. I can usually count on someone approaching me after the program with a problem.

Some people tell me about their boss and the issues they will encounter if they attempt to lead up. I usually respond with empathy and one of two quotes from my dad:

Just because it isn’t easy to do does not mean you should not be doing it!
• Whoever said leadership was going to be easy?

These quotes have some bite to them, but they are true nonetheless. Continue Reading…

Four Leadership Lessons From 20 Years of Marriage

Leadership Lessons From Marriage

On my wedding day my dad, General Jim Anderson shared with me his secret to a successful marriage.

The General:  “Buddy, before your mom and I got married we decided that I would make all the big decisions and she would make all the small decisions.”

Me:  “I really like the sound of that!” I said through a grin.

The General: “And in 30 years of marriage there hasn’t been a big decision yet.”

I have learned a lot about life, love and leadership from being married to Elizabeth.  Not all of the lessons were easy to learn.  But, they have made me a better leader not just at home, but at work as well. Continue Reading…

Performance Reviews Vs. Performance Reveals

Performance Review or Reveal?

A lot of people do not like performance reviews.  Many times it is the anticipation of bad news that can cause anxiety in the individual.  The fear of the unknown can overwhelm people.

That’s the problem.  Nothing that is discussed in a performance review should be unknown.

That is why they are called performance reviews – NOT performance reveals! Continue Reading…

Buzzword Defined (Part 3): Courage

Courage To Act

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at its testing point.”  –C.S. Lewis

Wow.  Opening this post with this quote from C. S. Lewis just heightened my level of attention to a subject that has been watered down through over use and misunderstanding through the years.  How do we recover the word Courage from the Buzzword purgatory it’s currently relegated to?

My answer is to define it and to continually discuss it.  That is the problem with corporate values statements as well.  They are inadequately defined and communicated infrequently.

The topic of courage has generated a lot of interest in recent posts.  This is a previously published blog where I define courage and give examples of everyday courageous acts.

Continue Reading…

Compliant Vs. Committed Teams

Committed Teams Beat Compliant Teams

My last 5 years leading sales teams I noticed a shift in our corporate culture. Because of increased regulations corporate compliance became a mantra throughout the organization.

Playing within the rules is a given in business. But, the increased communication around compliance had a negative side effect. Compliance became a goal in and of itself. The implication was that if I had a compliant team, I was a successful leader.

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