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Impact Talk Radio host Dave Anderson interviews Stephan Moore of Shiloh Camps

Dave Anderson of Anderson Leadership Solutions interviews Stephan Moore of Shiloh Camp discussing the importance of casting a vision for your team. If you want a team that keeps the big picture in mind and doesn’t stray away from what’s important, listen to how how even the most overwhelmed leader can accomplish casting a vision.

Free PDF downloads are available at overwhelmedmanagersguide.com. Podcasts  are also available on iTunes.


Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Middle Managers and Frontline Leaders eliminate bad attitudes, politics, and distrust on your teams! Changing the culture of a team requires the leader to change. Listen to IMPACT Talk Radio today for no fluff, straight talking solutions designed to IMPACT high IMPACT leaders who want to lead high IMPACT Teams. Every show goes beyond theory and gets into HOW to make an IMPACT that matters.



Your Vision, Mission and Values are Worthless

Simplify and Communicate!

Save space on your website. You don’t need a vision statement, a mission statement or a list of values. They are worthless!

Most companies and a lot of individuals have a vision, a mission and a list of values. When we design them, we have high expectations that the impact of these philosophical platitudes will be huge.


If your Vision, Mission and Values don’t impact your behaviors, they are worthless! Continue Reading…

Vision: Am I Enjoying The Ride?

Enjoying The Ride

There are times when I love to drive.  Long drives on open roads are some of my favorites.  I like to have my music turned up and my seat pushed back.  I enjoy uninterrupted views for miles.

But, there have been those moments when the ride changes.  Like when I drive into a bank of fog.  Everything changes. Continue Reading…

Changing Team Habits – The Missing Link

The Missing Link - Words

It is hard for a leader to change the established habits of a team. Most leaders want a team that consistently demonstrates high character, but are unsure what to do beyond setting up rules and demanding compliance.

There is a key element to changing habits that is often overlooked by everyone. Yet it has proven to be the key to lasting and productive change for individuals and organizations.

Our Words -

What do we talk about and with whom do we talk about it?

Continue Reading…

Determining Your Family’s Values

Is my family prepared?

Just like any organization, every family needs a set of values. The values in a family may not be on a website or on a poster in the breakroom, but all families would do well to determine what values they hold dear.

Values help organizations and families understand what is most important and what they believe. The time to figure that out is not in a crisis or in the face of temptation. I need to be prepared and my children need to be prepared before the crisis or the temptation comes. Continue Reading…

Culture: What Do Employees Want?

What makes a great place to work?

Would you recommend the company you work for to your best friend? The answer to this question says a lot about the culture of the company.

In the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex a survey involving over 82,000 employees and 315 companies asked this question and others to determine which companies were the best places to work in 2014.

Some common themes emerged that can help leaders in private, public, nonprofit or government organizations answer the question: “What do employees want?” Continue Reading…

Values – What Do You Stand For?

What do you stand for?

Why doesn’t my team act like a team? Why am I always dealing with politics, bad attitudes, and distrust among team members? Why haven’t we come close to reaching our potential?

I am always putting out fires. I never seem to have time to focus on bigger issues. The day-to-day tyranny of the urgent seems to overwhelm the more important strategic initiatives I always intend to focus on.

These soul-searching questions summarize what I see a lot of leaders struggling with in their organizations. This is when I like to ask them – “What do you stand for? And does your team know what you stand for?” Continue Reading…

Three Reasons People Don’t Trust You

Are you trusted?

His team didn’t trust him and Tom was confused. He was a good guy and an award winning salesman prior to being promoted. But, he and his team were not connecting. They liked him just fine. But, they did not trust him.

Trust is not easy. In today’s world, it takes more than just being a good person and being honest. The more I work with leaders (young and old) the more I see this same pattern. People want to be trusted, but they continue to do things that erode trust. Continue Reading…

Ping Pong & Culture At Work

This Isn't Culture

Business magazines publish article after article discussing a company’s culture.  The articles often focus on perks, the color of the office walls, or the fact there is a ping pong table where the conference table used to be.

Who cares!  I don’t care that I get to play ping pong at work if I can’t trust the guy I just beat to be honest with me later.  A pig with lipstick on is still a pig.  Continue Reading…

Building Team Culture: Marinate Your People

A LMT Culture Survives Adversity

When meat is marinated, it is soaked in a marinade for an extended period of time.  The marinade sauce penetrates into the meat and not only keeps the meat moist and edible when it is placed over a fire, but it also changes the flavor of the meat.  That flavor is maintained during the cooking process.

When I forget to marinate the meat and just place the sauce on the outside right before hitting the flames, the heat of the fire often burns the sauce.  There is a charred flavor on the outside, while on the inside the meat is dry and flavorless.  The fire damages the meat instead of adding to its flavor.

A Low Maintenance Team (LMT) has a culture developed by the leader actively marinating the people in the principles the leader wants the LMT to embrace and emulate.  This is how a LMT Culture is created and maintained. Continue Reading…

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