Leadership My Dad’s Way

My dad, General (retired) James L. Anderson spent 24 years as the Master of the Sword at West Point. He currently speaks on leadership at the Lincoln Leadership Institute in Gettysburg, PA. He has dedicated his life to developing leaders of character wherever he serves. Click here to learn more about him.
The two of us will be sharing a father-son perspective on the leadership lessons he taught me, the lessons we both learned at West Point, and the unique perspectives we each have based on his lifetime in leadership in the Army, and my 20 years in the business world.

Confident Leaders Invite Arguments

Will you listen?

“Argue with me.” He said it, AND he meant it. As I watched this leader invite his team to tear down his idea, I was astonished, inspired and humbled.

  • Astonished: Because I had never seen a leader so readily open to criticism from the people he led.
  • Inspired: Because I watched his team argue passionately for and against the leader’s point of view.
  • Humbled: Because I realized I am not always confident enough to have my ideas torn down by others.

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The Negativity That Limits Your Ability to Lead

Positivity or negativity? It boils down to making a choice. The attitudes we display go a long way in determining what type of leader we are and how many followers we have.

Do we choose our attitudes or do we let our circumstances or other people choose them for us? Do we choose to focus on others or on ourselves? Do we choose to look for solutions or look problems? Our attitudes have been and always will be a matter of choice. Continue Reading…

Culture Is The Leader’s Job

A Leader's Job

Politics.  Gossip.  Back stabbing.  Whining.  Distrust. Selfishness.  Bad Attitudes.  Work environments characterized by one or more of these traits are miserable places to work.

I often run into leaders that know they are leading teams that have these issues.  Unfortunately some of these leaders fail to realize that the cultures of their teams are the results of their leadership.  Or more accurately, their lack of leadership.

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The Unreliability That Limits Your Ability to Lead

Unreliability or Duty? It’s a choice. Do we choose to do what needs to be done, or just what we want to do? Do we choose to follow through on all our commitments or flake out? Do we choose to give our best in all areas of our jobs, or just the part we really enjoy?

The business world may call this accountability. But I use the term Duty, as do our heroes who serve in the military. Understanding what our Duty is does not have to be complicated – especially as a leader. Continue Reading…

The Selfishness That Limits Your Ability to Lead

Selflessness or selfishness. We all make daily choices that prove we are selfish or selfless. As a leader, if our decisions display our selfish nature, then we are unlikely to have committed followers.

If you really want to understand what type of character someone has, look at the choices they make on a habitual basis. When faced with choosing what THEY want versus what may be best for others, what do they choose? Selflessness or selfishness? Continue Reading…

Sales VP to Entrepreneur – Leadership Lessons interview with Mario Martinez Jr on IMPACT Talk Radio


Dave Anderson interviews Social Selling Evangelist Mario Martinez Jr. Topic: Leaving Corporate Leadership and Leading as an Entrepreneur. (30 minutes)

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A Tribute: To A Fallen Friend And Hero

Donnie And Dave Graduation Day

My best friend, Donnie Tillar convinced me to go to West Point.  He was a year older than I was.  Thanks to his persuasiveness I joined my childhood friend as part of the Corps of Cadets.  This is a Memorial Day tribute to Donnie.

This is worth reposting annually.

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Character – Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

There is really only one person on earth who truly knows your character – YOU. All of us have strengths and weaknesses in our character. But do we stop and really look at ourselves in the mirror?

We have developed the My Mirror Character Assessment for just that purpose. You will get a snapshot of your character in as little as five minutes and it is FREE!

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The Hypocrisy that Limits Your Ability to Lead

Most people do not look in the mirror and think – hypocrite. But, if we pick and choose when we act with Integrity, what should we call ourselves? Answer: Hypocrites

Part time Integrity is not really Integrity. It is hypocrisy.  If we only choose Integrity when it is easy, what are we? Answer:  Hypocrites. Continue Reading…

One Thing That Kills Trust

"It's my fault."

Who do I trust? And why do I trust them?  There are a lot of things that play a role in whom I trust.

Integrity, consistency, and reliability are just a few.  I trust people who display these attributes – most of the time.  However, even the most honest, consistent and reliable person will lose my trust if they are arrogant.

Humility inspires trust.  Arrogance creates doubt.

Doubt kills trust. Continue Reading…

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