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My dad, General (retired) James L. Anderson spent 24 years as the Master of the Sword at West Point. He currently speaks on leadership at the Lincoln Leadership Institute in Gettysburg, PA. He has dedicated his life to developing leaders of character wherever he serves. Click here to learn more about him.
The two of us will be sharing a father-son perspective on the leadership lessons he taught me, the lessons we both learned at West Point, and the unique perspectives we each have based on his lifetime in leadership in the Army, and my 20 years in the business world.

I Trusted. I Got Burned. So What?

I have a choice!

It stung! No doubt about it. A few months after Bob left the company, I found out he had pulled the wool over my eyes. I got burned by someone I had trusted.

He faked his work activity reports. He forged signatures of clients. There were even rumors of him talking to me on the phone during work hours as he lay in bed with one of his colleagues. Continue Reading…

Impact Talk Radio host Dave Anderson interviews Stephan Moore of Shiloh Camps

Dave Anderson of Anderson Leadership Solutions interviews Stephan Moore of Shiloh Camp discussing the importance of casting a vision for your team. If you want a team that keeps the big picture in mind and doesn’t stray away from what’s important, listen to how how even the most overwhelmed leader can accomplish casting a vision.

Free PDF downloads are available at overwhelmedmanagersguide.com. Podcasts  are also available on iTunes.


Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Middle Managers and Frontline Leaders eliminate bad attitudes, politics, and distrust on your teams! Changing the culture of a team requires the leader to change. Listen to IMPACT Talk Radio today for no fluff, straight talking solutions designed to IMPACT high IMPACT leaders who want to lead high IMPACT Teams. Every show goes beyond theory and gets into HOW to make an IMPACT that matters.



Your Vision, Mission and Values are Worthless

Simplify and Communicate!

Save space on your website. You don’t need a vision statement, a mission statement or a list of values. They are worthless!

Most companies and a lot of individuals have a vision, a mission and a list of values. When we design them, we have high expectations that the impact of these philosophical platitudes will be huge.


If your Vision, Mission and Values don’t impact your behaviors, they are worthless! Continue Reading…

Vision: Am I Enjoying The Ride?

Enjoying The Ride

There are times when I love to drive.  Long drives on open roads are some of my favorites.  I like to have my music turned up and my seat pushed back.  I enjoy uninterrupted views for miles.

But, there have been those moments when the ride changes.  Like when I drive into a bank of fog.  Everything changes. Continue Reading…

Changing Team Habits – The Missing Link

The Missing Link - Words

It is hard for a leader to change the established habits of a team. Most leaders want a team that consistently demonstrates high character, but are unsure what to do beyond setting up rules and demanding compliance.

There is a key element to changing habits that is often overlooked by everyone. Yet it has proven to be the key to lasting and productive change for individuals and organizations.

Our Words -

What do we talk about and with whom do we talk about it?

Continue Reading…

I Can’t Lead Without Leaving My Office

You can't lead from here!

Is this scene familiar to you? The boss walks through the office and says “Good morning” to people before closing his door until lunch. He walks back through the office after lunch saying “Good afternoon” to people before closing his door until he leaves the building at the end of the day. “See you tomorrow!”, he says cheerfully.

It may seem like a scene from “The Office” or a Dilbert cartoon. But unfortunately when I speak or consult with companies, this is a common scenario. The major source of interaction people have with their boss is through electronic communications. This is not leading! Continue Reading…

The Five Best Times To Coach Your People

How are you doing coach?

If we are not developing our people, we should stop calling ourselves leaders! I don’t know why leaders ignore the coaching part of their jobs. But I work with so many organizations and hear the same story again and again.

“I never hear from my boss unless something is wrong.”

“I get feedback once a year at my performance review.”

“I am not sure what I need to do to earn a promotion.”

The fact is, coaching is a part of a leader’s job that is too often ignored. As leaders, we need to step up, do our jobs and develop our people!

Continue Reading…

The Higher The Leader-The Foggier The View

What They Can't See Will Hurt Them

Many organizations are in trouble and the leaders at the top do not know it!  The people at the top of a company do not have an accurate assessment of the quality of that organization’s leadership, according to   The Global Leadership Forecast.

They surveyed over 1,800 HR professionals and 12,423 leaders from 2,600 organizations on the status of leadership in those organizations.  The goal was to determine the effectiveness of the leadership and of leadership development efforts over a two year period.

One statistic that stuck out was that the closer to the frontlines the leader worked, the more negative they were about the company’s leadership quality.  Continue Reading…

Stop Reacting and Start Leading

I need a quick favor.

The tyranny of the urgent keeps many leaders from accomplishing the truly important.  I speak to leaders all the time who want to stop reacting and start leading.  

Most of us know what we should be doing, but we have difficulty taking everything we know we should be doing and actually implementing it.  I need your help helping other leaders! Continue Reading…

Be A Leader Not An Expert

Be An Expert in Leading

I have to be an expert in all things concerning my product and the competing products if I am a salesperson.  I have to be an expert in accounting if I am an accountant.  I have to be an expert in commercial lending if I am a commercial lender.

What about leaders?  If I am leading salespeople, accountants or commercial lenders, do I need to be as up to date as my people? Continue Reading…

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