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Sometimes there is a topic that is near and dear to me. Sometimes I just need to get something off my chest. Meet Miss Cellaneous. She is the one who I speak to when I write these. She never really fit into a category. But, she likes to hear me out on varying subjects. I hope you will join us…

A Tribute: To A Fallen Friend And Hero

Donnie And Dave Graduation Day

My best friend, Donnie Tillar convinced me to go to West Point.  He was a year older than I was.  Thanks to his persuasiveness I joined my childhood friend as part of the Corps of Cadets.  This is a Memorial Day tribute to Donnie.

This is worth reposting annually.

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Help Me Finish My Book – Who Is Your Leadership Hero?


I need a favor. Please help my dad, General Jim Anderson and I write our leadership book. We want to better understand what each of you admires in a leader. It will take you less than 2 minutes to answer these questions below.

Maybe they are someone you know personally, or have read about, or seen in the movies – Who do you admire and what do you admire about them? We will present the data collected in the introduction of our book.

Thank you in advance in helping us write this book on leadership. We will continue to update you on our progress and any milestone dates in the publishing process.

Lead Well!


Leadership Hero Survey 

What Three Traits Do You Admire Most? 

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Two Common and Controllable Causes of Stress

Stressed Out

Some people are always stressed, while others always seem calm. Some people are anxious about every decision, while others seem content with the possibility of failure.

As I observe both types of people, I believe there are two self-created issues that set us up for stressful days and nights. They are mindsets that we have control over, yet many of us fail to control. Continue Reading…

3 Keys To Good Advice

Who Do I Listen To?

It was another day at work with Janet.  She was once again telling me about her problems with her boyfriend.  In my mind, she needed to ditch this loser.

I was confident he was lying to her, cheating on her, and was not the guy she should commit to any longer.  But, her friends were advising her differently.

Me:  “Who are these friends?”

Janet:  “My girlfriends from the gym who I hang out with after work.”

Me:  “Are any of them married?”

Janet:  “No, why?”

Me:  “Seek advice from people who are where you want to be.  Not from people who are where you are.”

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Someone has died? 5 Things to Do

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 7.48.37 AM

I have no words.  What can I do?  This does not make any sense.  It is not fair.

I agree.  That is what I feel right now, plus so much more.  I have anger and sadness.

People have died and there are people in pain in Texas and across the ocean to other countries because of a car wreck last night.  There are 5 things I know I can do.  Will you join me? Continue Reading…

Determining Your Family’s Values

Is my family prepared?

Just like any organization, every family needs a set of values. The values in a family may not be on a website or on a poster in the breakroom, but all families would do well to determine what values they hold dear.

Values help organizations and families understand what is most important and what they believe. The time to figure that out is not in a crisis or in the face of temptation. I need to be prepared and my children need to be prepared before the crisis or the temptation comes. Continue Reading…

Four Choices We All Have

Everyone Has Choices

They were in their robes and ready to be done with high school. I was the only thing between them and graduation and the family celebrations to follow.

As the keynote speaker, I knew I better keep it short and do everything I could to make it memorable. I spoke about the choices they all had. As I spoke and watched the parents sitting in the audience, I realized these choices belong to all of us.

We all control the choices we make no matter our circumstance. Those choices often determine our success in life, our impact on others and our impact on the world around us. Continue Reading…

Can Humility and Confidence Coexist?

Just Add Humility!

I spent a long time believing that if I was good at something, I needed to tell people about it. I thought it was a sign of confidence. Looking back, I realize I turned a lot of people off with that attitude.

Few people would argue that confidence is not an important trait for successful individuals and leaders to possess. But like many positive traits, confidence out of control can be a weakness. I had to learn that confidence and humility can coexist in the same person. Continue Reading…

Wisdom Versus Intelligence

Wisdom or Just Intelligence

I knew some brilliant people in high school.  They made good grades and graduated without even trying.  They went to good colleges and got impressive degrees.

I also knew some people in high school who struggled with grades.  Try as they might, they fought to make it to graduation day.  Some went to community college and then finished their bachelor’s degree at another local school with unimpressive grades.

Today, I see success and failure in both the brilliant and the average.  The difference between success and failure is often wisdom.  I’ll take wisdom over intelligence every day. Continue Reading…

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