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Using Positivity To Get Things Done


In 2015, the first female graduates of the Army’s Ranger School set an example for all of us for Positivity and getting things done. They overcame unique obstacles as trailblazers in what has been an all-male enterprise. Plus, they overcame the traditional obstacles that have stopped generations of would-be male Rangers from earning the title of Army Ranger. Continue Reading…

Character On Display

Imagine what it would be like to be led by a person who understood what Duty is and then did their Duty.  Duty is not a term used outside of the military very often.  But if more people did their Duty, our workplaces and our lives would be significantly different.

What is Duty in 12 Words or Less?

Taking action based on our assigned tasks and moral obligations.

How do Leaders of Character display this sense of Duty?  How can any of us develop the Habit of Character we call Duty in our daily lives?  Continue Reading…

Listening is a Character Issue

We all know “that guy” we want to run from at cocktail parties. The one who dominates every conversation. The one who talks about himself, his accomplishments, his week, his children, his work, his boss, his whatever. The one who always seems to have a story to top yours. When you break it all down, what does “that guy” sound like? “Me, Me, Me, Me, Me … oh, and did I mention Me?” Continue Reading…

Integrity and Unethical Rule Followers


At West Point, as in many organizations, there are rules and regulations people must follow. But what West Point realizes and that many organizations fail to consider is that we can all be unethical rule followers. Just because we do not break the law or a corporate regulation does not make us a person of Integrity. Continue Reading…

Why Leaders Don’t Get Better

Group of men and women sitting at a desk looking bored

Leaders of Character Say, “I always have room to grow”

One of the true marks of a humble leader is that he is not the same leader he was twelve months ago. The arrogant leader is stagnant. His way of leading does not change. Some people even boast about not changing their style or methods. Leaders of Character, however, are constantly looking to get better and grow—because they know they need it. Continue Reading…

How Do Leaders Get Character?

If you are like me, you’ve read a number of leadership books and they are begining to sound alike.  Many of the early readers of Becoming a Leader of Character thought the same thing.  Here is one quote from an early reviewer:

I have been observing and teaching about leadership for over 30 years as an executive. While there are many books written about leadership, this is the only book I have ever seen or read that actually taught someone how to develop the right character.

Becoming a Leader of Character is available today at most online retailers and in bricks and mortar stores starting today, October 11, 2016!

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Two Battles All Leaders Must Fight

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Character is the reason most leaders fail, but what causes most of our character failures? Why do some leaders succumb to the temptation to lie or cheat? Why do others avoid confrontations or demean their subordinates? Why do micromanagers micromanage?

Honestly, most resources do not go deep enough and get to the root cause of these failures. They just say, “Don’t do this,” or “Do this instead.” When writing our book, we realized we needed a different approach. We wanted to find the real cause for character failures, and we think we found the cause—actually, two causes! Continue Reading…

What is a Leader of Character


“Character is higher than intellect.” ­­– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leadership speaker and author John Maxwell jump-started the trend of defining leadership as influence. I agree with him and the leadership experts (such as Oswald Sanders) whom Maxwell cites as his inspiration. But does that definition go far enough? Does just having influence make someone a leader? Continue Reading…

Three Rules To Leading Peers

What do you attract?

“What can I do?  If I step up and try to lead my peers, I don’t think they will follow.  I’m not as direct as you are Dave. ”

The quote above is representative of a lot of conversations I have inside of companies who ask for my help.  There are many people who know they should be a leader among their peers.  They just aren’t sure how to accomplish it. Continue Reading…

What’s A Shepherd Without Sheep

Who Is Following?

Question 1:  Are sheep without a shepherd still sheep?  Answer:  Yes.

Question 2:  Is a shepherd without sheep still a shepherd? Answer: No.

A shepherd without sheep is just a hygienically challenged man walking the countryside with a stick in his hands.

Leaders:  It is the people that make you a leader not the title!

Continue Reading…

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