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How To Become The Leader You Want To Be


No one ever gets in shape by reading a fitness magazine or by going to the gym once. We get in shape by actually breaking a sweat. You have to do more than read the principles in a book or article. You need to DO them.

You have to DO what you want to BE! Continue Reading…

The Root Cause of Bad Leadership

The Root Cause of Bad Leadership?

Untrustworthy? Poor communication/listening? Micromanaging? Selfishness? Uncaring/Demeaning? When I ask people about the worst leaders they worked for, these are some descriptions I receive.

Many people believe if you fix these things you will be a better leader. We go to seminars and listen to podcasts (mine included) looking for answers. We read blogs and articles and books about improving in all these areas. “The 12 Skills Leaders Need to…”

The solutions presented are treatments to the symptoms of a disease that runs deeper. I believe the root issue needs to be identified so the treatment plan can actually change the leader and not just treat the symptom. Continue Reading…

Eliminating the Blame Game

Start Problem Solving Here

Problem finders are everywhere. It does not take a PhD, a MBA or even a GED to be a good problem finder. It takes no skill or advanced education to point fingers. Problem finders usually wallow at the lower levels in organizations and rarely make it past middle management.

However, problem solvers are rare. Problem solvers get great jobs and earn good money. Problem solvers are what companies need in leadership. Leaders of character who are great problem solvers always use the same tool when diagnosing a problem. Continue Reading…

What Are Your Leadership Top Five?

Top 5

What are the top five things you admire most about your leadership hero?

In front of every audience I speak to I have an audience participation portion. With each group, whether it is a group of 15 or 1,500 I ask them to think about their favorite leader in history, in the movies or for whom they have worked. Then I ask them this question:

What are the top five things you admire most about your leadership hero?  

If you are reading this blog, scribble down your own answers now before you read further….

1. ________  2.  _________  3.  _________ 4.  ________  5.  ________

Continue Reading…

IMPACT Talk Radio host Dave Anderson interviews Dr. Joey Faucette of Listen to Life, too.


Dave Anderson of Anderson Leadership Solutions interviews Dr. Joey Faucette, #1 best selling author of the book Work Positive in a Negative World. They discuss the REAL REASONS people follow leaders and how do you become that type of leader. If you want to lead a committed team versus just a compliant one, this show is for you. Free PDF downloads are available at Overwhelmedmanagersguide.com. Podcasts also available on iTunes.

Download Episode

Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Middle Managers and Frontline Leaders eliminate bad attitudes, politics, and distrust on your teams! Changing the culture of a team requires the leader to change. Listen to IMPACT Talk Radio today for no fluff, straight talking solutions designed to IMPACT high IMPACT leaders who want to lead high IMPACT Teams. Every show goes beyond theory and gets into HOW to make an IMPACT that matters.


Four Words That Separate a Leader from a Manager

Leader Vs. Manager

“What’s the difference between a leader and a manager?” she asked.  I was sitting in front of this executive because this was the crux of the issue going on in her company.

I was unprepared for the question and therefore rambled on WAY too long. I was sure I did not get her business.  Fortunately, somewhere in my long winded answer she heard something she liked, and she hired me to work with her team leaders.

Now I can answer her question in four words –

Behaviors, Followers, Titles, Subordinates

Continue Reading…

Small Tests Of A Leader’s Character

Oxymoron:  Small Character Tests

Small Test = “This is not a big deal.”

In a nutshell:  There are no small decisions when my character is involved.

For a leader, the magnitude of the decision should not determine my approach. If my moral compass is involved, then the decision is a big deal.  Too many times we make decisions based on our immediate perception of their impact. Continue Reading…

Ping Pong & Culture At Work

This Isn't Culture

Business magazines publish article after article discussing a company’s culture.  The articles often focus on perks, the color of the office walls, or the fact there is a ping pong table where the conference table used to be.

Who cares!  I don’t care that I get to play ping pong at work if I can’t trust the guy I just beat to be honest with me later.  A pig with lipstick on is still a pig.  Continue Reading…

Leadership: 700 People Can’t Be Wrong

Audience Participation

At 2:30 in the afternoon, I took a risk. An audience of 700 people had been listening to best selling leadership gurus since 8:00 AM. Now I had 10 minutes to make an impact on this group.

I decided to change the first half of my talk and ask the 700 attendees to actively participate in my talk. All I did was ask them to yell out their answers to a simple question.

“When you think of the best leader you ever worked with or heard about, what is one trait that you admired most?” 

Continue Reading…

Three Rules To Leading Peers

What do you attract?

“What can I do?  If I step up and try to lead my peers, I don’t think they will follow.  I’m not as direct as you are Dave. ”

The quote above is representative of a lot of conversations I have inside of companies who ask for my help.  There are many people who know they should be a leader among their peers.  They just aren’t sure how to accomplish it. Continue Reading…

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