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The General Discusses What Integrity Really Is

Integrity:  Doing what is good, right, and proper, even at personal cost.  That is the definition my father General James L. Anderson taught me years ago.

I had the opportunity to do a talk with my father on the topic of Courage in business. The Lesson: You can’t have Integrity without having Courage.

This video is a short segment of that talk where we focus on the topic of Integrity and what it means to be a person of Integrity.

The General


What are you willing to sacrifice in order to be a person of Integrity?

Dave Anderson is coauthor of Becoming a Leader of Character – Six Habits that Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home with his father General James L. Anderson (USA Retired).

You can find Becoming a Leader of Character on Amazon by clicking here:


You can also find Becoming a Leader of Character at Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and other retailers.

The Character Workout for Leaders

You have to DO what you want to BE!  If you want to BE a Leader of Character, you have to DO what Leaders of Character DO!

Today’s video was a short talk given to over 800 people at this year’s Leadercast event.


What do you need to start DOing to BE the Leader of Character you were designed to BE?

Dave Anderson is author of Becoming a Leader of Character – Six Habits that Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home.

You can find Becoming a Leader of Character on Amazon by clicking here:


You can also find Becoming a Leader of Character at Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and other retailers.

Integrity – Is Honesty Enough?

Right Wrong It Depends - 3 Colorful Arrow Signs

Honesty or Integrity? Are they the same thing? Is one more important than the other? Many people use the terms interchangeably confusing one with the other.

You can be an honest person and have questionable Integrity. Honesty is a part of Integrity, but they are not the same thing. Continue Reading…

The Cure for Our Culture’s Leadership Crisis

I don’t have to convince many people that leadership or the lack of good leadership is plaguing our culture.  Watch politics, read business journals, or see the breakdown of the family unit and it is obvious.

But what is the answer?  There is more to improving as a leader than reading a book or going to a seminar.  Today’s video outlines a plan for all of us, no matter where we are leading.  The cure is up to us – and that cure is CHARACTER!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.38.06 AM


The Bottom Line:

Our culture needs more Leaders of Character.  What we are doing to develop leaders in business, academia and in homes must change it’s focus.

To this point most of the focus has been on developing knowledge and competencies. The majority of the books, classes and seminars focus on management skills when the majority of our leadership woes can be related back to the root issue of CHARACTER.

As a Character Evangelist (Evangelist = Passionate Proclaimer) I am trying to change that focus.  This video is just one step in my mission to develop leaders who understand that their CHARACTER is THE #1 Leadership Tool they must develop.

As of today, July 26th 2016 Becoming a Leader of Charcter – Six Habits that Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home is available at:

Amazon Kindle:  Download Here

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Download your copy and read Becoming a Leader of Character.  My father and I would be honored if you take the time to leave a review at any of these sites.

America’s Leadership Disease and The Treatment

Cough syrup

There is a leadership crisis in our culture. Politics. Business. Sports. Families. Wherever you turn the results of this crisis are evident.

Some of the symptoms are political stalemate, lack of trust, dysfunctional teams, cheating in athletics or broken homes. There are a lot of approaches to fixing these symptoms. But the problem is we are treating a PNEUMONIA patient with cough medicine! Continue Reading…

The Negativity That Limits Your Ability to Lead

Positivity or negativity? It boils down to making a choice. The attitudes we display go a long way in determining what type of leader we are and how many followers we have.

Do we choose our attitudes or do we let our circumstances or other people choose them for us? Do we choose to focus on others or on ourselves? Do we choose to look for solutions or look problems? Our attitudes have been and always will be a matter of choice. Continue Reading…

The Unreliability That Limits Your Ability to Lead

Unreliability or Duty? It’s a choice. Do we choose to do what needs to be done, or just what we want to do? Do we choose to follow through on all our commitments or flake out? Do we choose to give our best in all areas of our jobs, or just the part we really enjoy?

The business world may call this accountability. But I use the term Duty, as do our heroes who serve in the military. Understanding what our Duty is does not have to be complicated – especially as a leader. Continue Reading…

Making Your Brand Not Suck! – Interview with Mario Martinez Jr. & Dave Anderson on IMPACT Talk Radio


Dave Anderson interviews Social Selling Evangelist Mario Martinez Jr. Show #2 – Topic: Making Your Brand Not Suck. (30 minutes)

Social Selling Evangelist and Keynote speaker Mario Martinez of M3Jr Growth Strategies. Learn more at www.m3jr.com.

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Stop Reacting! Start Leading!

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The Selfishness That Limits Your Ability to Lead

Selflessness or selfishness. We all make daily choices that prove we are selfish or selfless. As a leader, if our decisions display our selfish nature, then we are unlikely to have committed followers.

If you really want to understand what type of character someone has, look at the choices they make on a habitual basis. When faced with choosing what THEY want versus what may be best for others, what do they choose? Selflessness or selfishness? Continue Reading…

Character – Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

There is really only one person on earth who truly knows your character – YOU. All of us have strengths and weaknesses in our character. But do we stop and really look at ourselves in the mirror?

We have developed the My Mirror Character Assessment for just that purpose. You will get a snapshot of your character in as little as five minutes and it is FREE!

Take it now: http:/mycharactertest.com Continue Reading…

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